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Monday, January 25, 2010

The whitening cream

In arab world there more and more people which  believe  that a fair skin has a specific beauty and favorise the success in real life. 
My self, I don’t really believe such rumors,  coz first of all that will be call racism ( means that the black skin will be underestimated ) and second thing I guess the color of ur skin can’t change ur qadr.
If the western magazines are full with tannig creams advertises, then in the Middle East the magazines and tv’s advertisements are full with whitening creams.
I know a fair skin is any woman dream here in Golf area , especially in the wedding night  many girls they refer to whitening skin process.
Most famous whitening cream in Golf area is “Fair and Lovely “ which it was  also tested by me long time ago.
How about u girls, which type of skin do u like? 


anonym said...

Not only they want to be white skinned,but also they want to have a stright hair as the majority is curled:)
I personally prefer the dark skin and curled hair (i have none of it) :)

Anonymous said...

Personally It makes no difference to me whether I am paler than pale or darker than night! I dont worship the sun on holiday but neither to I hide away! If I tan (which is normal for me in the sun as I have skin that tans easily, great, thats how God wants me to be, in the winter I go very pale and very translucent skin, but, again, this what i was made to be.

I can see why people do it in the sense that there is this stigma about being what your not. In the UK, the san tropez tan is the image of perfection, as the pale skin in Pakistan and in the middle east. In the UK its called the Healthy Glow, and Im sure the stigma is advertised in a similar fashion!

I know that amongst other things, My Love's skin color was one on the many things that angered his dad enough to kill him. Apparently in Pakistan the paler your skin, the richer your background!

I think if someone is naturally pale, it's beautiful, if someone is naturally dark, it is just as beautiful, and the same applies to everything in the middle. Beauty is something you can express in confidence, If you are true to yourself and not being something that others want you to be, then you are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I like my skintone the way it is... and I guess I like evry sister the way her skintone looks... i dont believe in self tanner or skinwhitener.
For me sometimes they overdue the whole thing at the weddings. They have a nice skintone so why do they make them self to look so pale or here in european countries ull might go extreme sunshowering and selftanning before wedding.

راضية said...

Anyones Natural Skin colour is the best way
However if I had to choose I'd a mixture of box which is what I've got (My mother is very fair and my father is dark skinned):)
Great post x

Jaz said...

I think people suit the colour that God gave them! Sometimes light skinned girls feel glamorous with a tan and dark skinned girls feel more glamorous with lighter skin but I don't think it really does change how beautiful you are.

But I also believe that if someone feels something will make her feel better, i.e. if a girl feels more confident in fake tan for example then it's up to her to wear it if she likes without judgement.

Anonymous said...

I have could read lots of intersting things on your Blog, im just a new member.
Well, related to this topic, im a European girl, and i have white skin as well, in summer it has a really nice healthy golden color but in winter goes into pale. :)
I think everyone should accept herself as she is. But i used to prefer not to be that pale, to seem healthy. Here everyone goes to solariums to be tanned, and they are crazy about it.
People usually wants the opposite thing, not what they have, and it's often related to fashions, trends.
Be yourself, let your beauty of your personality to be obvious, on your eyes and face.

Ps: to those girls who, like to make their skin white :D here men go crazy for exoctic beauty. (brownish)

Take care girls.

... said...

I think the obsession with light skin is weird. People who do have light skin look wonderful, but I also love the way people with darker skin look: the whites in their eyes seem more intense, and dark skin cover more imperfections, not to mention wrinkles a lot less than the fair.

And although I do love makeup, why change the way God made us? It expresses a certain displeasure that can't be fixed with changing our appearances alone.

Pablo (yo) said...

Great blog!!!
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Pablo from Argentina

Huda said...

It's the same thing in Asia too. It's more on how whiter skin means royalty, since they didn't go out much and tan less than normal people.

I'm quite fair, but not that fair, and I tan easily too, so it's kinda tough to keep my natural skin shade. And people envy my skin I suppose, because they'll notice every time whenever I got tanned and complained on how I wasn't as pretty compared to when I'm not. XD So it's tough to manage. XD

But in my opinion, they just need to accept for what they are, because this is indeed what God has given us. He expects us to sail through life in this form, see how we manage the trials and all that. So everyone shouldn't feel nitpicky about their imperfection, because everyone is not perfect anyway.

Fair and Lovely is huge in Asia back then, but it didn't really work. And now it's considered a cheap product. XD

islandgirl4ever2 said...

Salam Alaykum...

Good topic.. In France, they sell this product in the African district and I think it's ridiculous for people that people want to be "white" or "whiter." I totally agree with what you wrote...
I know that women in India also have the same products for blanching the skin.. any colour you are is just fine, it's how God made you... except if you are light and you get "tan" from the sun.. that's something natural that happens because of your skin's pigments.
On the other side, I am white, and I have always felt better with colour on my skin.. i.e. a tan... I also lived most of my life in California, where it's always sunny.. so I was mostly always tan (from the sun) naturally...
I live in France now, and my skin, though it has a little colour, is paler and whiter.. and I don't feel I look as healthy with whiter skin... I prefer to be tan.. dark... I used to get very brown with the sun... Oh well... maybe we just want the opposite of what we are or have...

Nice blog... : )

ayah said...

when i first saw "fair and lovely" commercial on egyptian tv, i was amused.. in russia girls like to tan.. tan helps conceal flaws and makes your skin look smoother.. as for me i don't really care, i think beauty is so diverse and we should love ourselves the way we are and not go to the extremes trying to change our appearance

Twizzle said...

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

I wrote on this topic a while back--please visit my post:


I have posted commercials concerning the Fair and Lovely products and my disgust with the message they convey to women.

Their advertisements would be immediately protested against in a country like the USA... not because its a whitening cream, but because the message of their commercials depict that darker skinned women are unattractive, unsuccessful, and un-marriageable.


Anonymous said...

I am olive skinned and I love my God giving colour. People are just messing up with their skins not knowing the ill-after effects of those lotions and potions. I found that people also in the east tend to use lighter foundation/powders making them look like Geishas! sf

Yulia Armani said...

he in russia we have totally diferent way. here really popular dark and tan skin, and if you have white skin, its mean you poor or not in fashion... so girls spend hours every week to be more dark... i guess we all want to have something what we dont have...

Girl said...

Subhanallah, we must be happy with who we are. Everyone has their own ideas of beauty. Like me, i like dark skin which is almost BLACK, and my mother, she likes light skin.

I used to apply the Coppertone Fake Tan to get dark brown. Even now I do it sometimes!
But I found out it has lots of chemicals which can be harmful.

If you use some types of whitening creams, they contain ingredients that cause leukemia!!!

It gets into your blood from your skin, and it can cause all sorts of organ damage! So be careful and research the ingredients! If somebody wants to be paler, they can use homemade treatments...to be careful :)

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

Sob7n allah ya binti , i never know for that kind of a bad results after using whitening cream :@
Al7md allah i've stopped long time, it was just a temporary trinket...
Thank u dear for ur good advice ,if i will do it again, i will try as u said natural homemade treatments inshalla !

Unknown said...

astagferAllah! people are NEVER happy what Allah gives them. Every skin type is beautiful! be happy!!! with what Allah gave us. Thanks for this entry! insha'a'Allah it opens eyes.

Mimisha said...

I have very fair skin and i always adored darker skin. That kinda olive tone. And i think a lot of girls in egypt has a great skin colour when they dont try 2 make it fair with make up!
But mashallah therer so many different skin colours and all of it have their own beauty :)

Anonymous said...

its so easy to say that dark complexion is beautiful and all .I have dark complexion and despite having ideal height, beautiful face features , silky shiny dark black hair and an attractive figure and above all my professional qualification, my PhD in software ,people have been rejecting me for marrying their sons , not a single guy ever fell for me . Can anyone here think of my misery and the only one reason for this misery is my dark complexion . what on earth would stop me of going to any extent to whiten my skin , I was born with this yet people reject me as if having a dark complexion is an unforgivable sin committed by me.

Anonymous said...

hey anonymous and my all sisters here! first of all, i don't understand why there's such envy among women about their skin color, make up, dress? all that to impress men or get marriage? come on ladies please.are we created by God or we are men's dolls? some men are never happy with anything we do because they are capricious or full of stereotypes or they were brokenhearted in their past and now other girls have to pay for their hurt,and you people please dont say such things about european women its not true that we are all bad girls or that we think we're better because of our fair skin, its not true, not all of us are disrespectful. and it really breaks my heart when arab men think bad about european women only because they met a few wrong persons or maybe those men were just way too much manipulative or chauvinistically attitude or they are simply bad in their heart or even living in ignorance. thank u so much for reading this, God bless u and peace be upon all of u no matter what religion or country you come from.

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