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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

أحمد بن زايد آل نهيان

Salam 3likom dear readers,

Today is it a sad day in UAE, i  will give u some bad news... today all day our local TV stations pray in the memory of  Sheykh Ahmad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan , who seems to be missing out after a plane crash :(

 الله يرحمه و يغفر له و يعفو عنه و يوسع عليه في قبره ويجعله روضة    من رياض الجنة و يصبر ذويه آمين يا رب
الله يرحمه 
اللهم آمين"

May God have mercy on his soul !


Monday, March 29, 2010

الصقارة - Falconry traditions in UAE

Falconry is one of the oldest traditional valued sports in UAE dating back to almost 2000 years, reflecting the bedouin love for it . It was a sport originally enjoyed only by the rich Sheikh’s and also used as a means to source food such as "harees" and "houbara" for the tribe. 
They were also used in conjunction with "Saluki " hunting dogs to chase and hunt down gazelles. 
The falcon itself, known as the "Saqr" is a bird that is much admired by Arabs because of its fascinating beauty, posture, sharp eyesight and grandeur.

Falconry is not an easy sport and requires a great deal of patience to train the bird to show off its skills.
 The Emirates Bird Society is making efforts to save and raise public awareness about the endangered species. 
Stopping Illegal trade of falcons, pursuing falcons blueprint of migration are some of the methods used to preserve the species.
A favorite activity of H. H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan is falconry or al qanas" as it is called in the local dialect. According to His Highness, falconry is a sport that teaches endurance, strength, and patience.

The two main species used for hunting in the UAE are the "Saqr" falcons (Falco Cherruq), which are imported from other Middle Eastern countries and the Peregrine (Falco Peregrinus).
The Saqr  is the most popular since it is well suited for desert hawking. 
The female SaqrAl Hurr “ , which is larger and more powerful is the one utilized more frequently than the male “ Garmoush ”. The female Peregrine “ Shahin “ or “ Bahri Shahin ” is also preferred to the male “ Shahin Tiba”  for hunting purposes.

This video is it a small documentary from the Festival of Zayed Bin Hamdan Heritage Falconry Competition. 
To enter in more details regarding our falconry customs , please visit our brother site 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Al mohajabah party style

Some ideas for our mohajabah sister to look as a princess at some occasions, parties, weddings...etc.

For bridal premade hijabi caps, u can purchase from this site inshalla.

Eyebrow threading

Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading is a depilation technique which originated in India, although it is also widely practiced in the Middle East and lately taped in Western salons. Eyebrow threading can make your eyebrows look amazing. Eyebrow threading is one of the newest eyebrow shaping methods in western society that are used to get perfect eyebrows.

This method is used by many celebrities as well as other people for achieving the look of perfect eyebrows. In fact eyebrow threading lasts longer than any other eyebrow shaping method and it look better since the hairs are easier to pull out with threading. The threading method is also a great way to remove any unwanted facial hair, this method have been used in arab world since years. Is it easy to use it at home, I remember myself I used this method since I was child , but lately I gave up this method and replaced it with IPL hair removal technique used in the salons.

If u r not sure what eyebrow threading is, It’s a simple method used to remove hair with a a piece of thread that is angled to give your eyebrows the perfect arch and shape. Our sister ValleyGurlFrmHell is showing us how to thread our eyebrows ,  Have a look at this video if u wanna learn.

This technique is used for upper lip hair as well and some women do prefer to do it all over the face.

NOTE : Eyebrow threading,plucking or shaping is it totally prohibited in Islam.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Kuwaity style

7ala bl 7elwin,

Today my dears, I let u taste kuwaity fashion.This video will show u  the  kuwaity style regarding accessories, cocktail rings, gold jewelries, jelabyah, party dresses, make up, interior designs.
Meet the actress, one of my fav actress will be there to show u luxury clothes and jewelries. Advises on how to wear make up and look good is it given by the make up artist.
See what’s the trend in Kuwait !

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dubai sleeping boxes

Dubai is installing 50 - 70 boxe inshalla ...

Size: 2 m x 1,40m x 2,30m to sleep in comfort and security.

Cheap sleep in case of emergency for anyone rich or poor!! 

No time wasted looking for a hotel.

Designed to be installed at train stations and airports, and central 
public places or cities where accommodation is fully booked.

In tropical climate countries the sleeper box can be installed outdoors in main streets.
The space includes bed, linen, ventilation system, alarm. LCD TV, 
WiFi , space for your laptop and re chargeable phone.

Under your bed and floor there is a cupboard for your luggage.

Payment is made at terminals who will give clients an electronic key that can be purchased for 15 minutes or for as many hours as you need.

Dearest childrens

Hayakom Allah my dear readers and my dear friends, it's been quite long time since u did not heard from me and i did not came across ur beautiful blogs...Hope inshalla all of u in a good condition.
My life is pretty good al7md allah , looking forward for some new things in it :) 
I came today on my personal blog with the intention of greeting one of my friend from Singapore, after receiving the beautiful news of being pregnant ... Mashalla, may God bless u , give u an easy delivery, save ur children from the bad things and make it a pious muslim , as u r my dear ! For now on u will have a big resposability , as our arabian proverb says "Rasing childrens is like chewing on a stone " ... enjoy ur remaning days till the baby will be born and do the things u like to do, give some time for urself ,go more often for shoppings, do girly stuffs....as for later on u will no more be able to... childrens will replace it !
This is dedicated to u my dear !






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