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Friday, December 25, 2009

Miss Arab World 2009

 !!! أنا سعودية
said the lucky girl who got the Miss Arab World Contest 2009 held in Cairo . I know it's little late to post this, i'm so sorry  i completely forgot  about this topic :P but never it's late ;) 

Accordingly to jury , the 2009 Miss Arab World met the standards of beauty .... hmm i personally can say that they might have some more other options , but i can't neither say she is or she is not beautiful ..... she's just pretty to me :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New collagen eye mask !

Salam my dears,
Today i got my  "crystal collagen eye mask"  which i order it and was eagerly in getting it soon, so today is my lucky day al7md allah ! Tonight i'm gonna apply it and let u know more about this product.

Is it for:

- lack of sleep, living without the law those who often stays up late;
- long-term use eye make-up or improper use of cosmetics persons;
- fatigue, caused by the bags under the eyes, etc. 
- routine maintenance of the general population of the eye.
- reduce dark circles, fine wrinkles , eyebags and moisturize ur eye skin


1 After cleaning the face,take out the eye patch,cause the eye patch to paste tightly the eye skin.With double index and middle fingers,lightly press the eye patch.20-30 minutes each time.
2 For first time users ,1 times/ 1 day.Use continuously for 7 days.Use 2-3 times every week after 7 days.

At this time , the product it's very highly used in Taiwan, that's why i wanted to try it by myself and not only listening the reviews.
I know i haven't ordered enough, but i just wanted first to give a try and if i'm satisfied with the results, then i will get more inshalla.What do u use girls for ur eyes and u r really staidfied with the product results?
Coz I have been trying for years in getting rid of my dark circles around my eyes, and yet i haven't find a good product, so i thought of this ;)


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Plastic surgery caprice

Hayakom Allah,
how r u doing my dear readers, inshalla 5ir ( hope everything is fine ) . Here i am after this break , i'm back to u ... i guess it's getting harder to restrain from things i like and one of those is - posting . As i had mentioned to u in me previous post, i'm no more available as i used to , no more giving my hole time posting... but don't be sad dear reader, i will try my best at times to be in touch with u with great stuffs inshalla !
Today while cleaning my laptop , i  found something which might be interested . We all saw that beautiful arab stars, celebrities look always young, fresh, no marks of fatigue face, no wrinkles, no dark circles....they just seems to be perfect without any imperfection. Well the plastic surgery is the answer ; but if we go back years later, when they were young , we will see the big differences that Plastic Surgery can do to the mankind , sob7n allah .... 
Before starting to share with u the photos with the arabian celebrities  " BEFORE" and "AFTER" , i need to mention to our muslem sisters that Plastic Surgery is it 7aram in Islamic viewpoint. 
I can't say that i'm totally agree with it, but also i do not encourage as well as a solution to some caprice. 
Now that i have finished my "speech", let's have a look at them


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