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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Eyebrow threading

Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading is a depilation technique which originated in India, although it is also widely practiced in the Middle East and lately taped in Western salons. Eyebrow threading can make your eyebrows look amazing. Eyebrow threading is one of the newest eyebrow shaping methods in western society that are used to get perfect eyebrows.

This method is used by many celebrities as well as other people for achieving the look of perfect eyebrows. In fact eyebrow threading lasts longer than any other eyebrow shaping method and it look better since the hairs are easier to pull out with threading. The threading method is also a great way to remove any unwanted facial hair, this method have been used in arab world since years. Is it easy to use it at home, I remember myself I used this method since I was child , but lately I gave up this method and replaced it with IPL hair removal technique used in the salons.

If u r not sure what eyebrow threading is, It’s a simple method used to remove hair with a a piece of thread that is angled to give your eyebrows the perfect arch and shape. Our sister ValleyGurlFrmHell is showing us how to thread our eyebrows ,  Have a look at this video if u wanna learn.

This technique is used for upper lip hair as well and some women do prefer to do it all over the face.

NOTE : Eyebrow threading,plucking or shaping is it totally prohibited in Islam.

1 comment:

Sara said...

dear sister Mashallah those eyebrows look like perfection. I remember in egypt I would get the threading done on my upper lip and it would hurt so much i used to be in tears. :(

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