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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Applying Kohl is Mustahab

Kohl ("Ithmad" or"Ithmid"),  is a lead free ancient remedy. According to Islamic texts, pure "Ithmad" strengthens the nerves of the eye, and acts as a "cure all" for ocular diseases. It is highly recommended for the elderly whose eyesight has weakened. In this case, it is better to mix the Kohl with Musk. 
It dissolves excess flesh around ulcers and closes the wounds while cleansing the areas around them. It relieves headaches when blended with pure, watery  honey, prevents the blistering of burns, helps cure skin damages caused by fire and it nourishes the eyelashes making them grow nice and long.

 Kohl is beneficial for the eye before going to sleep, especially since the eyes will not be moving thus the kohl will have the most favorable effect.

Here’s the sunna way of putting kohl on ur eyes

 To apply Surma, Kohl (collyrium) to the eyes is Mustahab (peferable). Besides the benefit to the eyes, one would also get recompense (Thawab) for following the prophetic practice:

1.It is reported from Ibn Abbas (Ra) that the Prophet (SAW) used to apply the collyriyum of Ithmid (a mineral product) thrice to each eye every night before retiring to bed."

2.Hafiz Ibn Hajar and Mulla Ali Qari have preferred those traditions which indicate that the kohl-rod was applied to each eyes thrice.

3.Jabir (Ra) reports that the Prophet (SAW) has advised to apply the collyrium of Ithmid to the eyes as it increases the light of the eyes and helps grow the eye-lashes." (Shamaa'il)

There is no fixed time in applying Kohl( Surma) in general two to three times each eye (or three times in the right eye and twice in the left one) but applying it before retiring to bed is beneficial. (Ahsanul Fataawa Vol. 9 Pg. 74)
 And as i have mentioned in myprevious posts about the Kohl, use the safety product if u wanna benefit from the things u have read.
Once again i say to u , Guerlain kohl, Rani kohl and Al Ithmid kohl r best to use.
For those who never seen "Al Ithmid" and wanna buy it i will show u a picture with the product inshalla.

Beside kohl, the oil grow lashes or conditioner will complete ur  beauty.
 I mention that in Islamic point of  view, kohl must be applied only in front of ur mahram and not outside the house.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Al Kosha weddings design

In Golf countries the wedding day is associated with luxury and sophistication. The decoration which matches stage it’s called Al Kosha where the bride and groom sit ( I don’t know how to call in English). The budget that the bride intend to spend ( usually from the groom money )  on "Al Kosha" is essential.  
All the details r set before the wedding day and the palce where the wedding will be kept is the most important detail.
There r usually supervisors or wedding planner agencies in the wedding hall can be hired to inspect these things before the start of the event or can be assigned this task to one of the family members just for the purpose in preventing the problems that might disrupt the ceremony, God forbid.
The main objective is to provide a luxury background and a beautiful and romantic place for the bride ( "al kosha") and when choosing the "Kosha" design is advised that flowers and lights r the key element in the design. Many of the old design of "Al Kosha" wedding r based on the principle of decorating the hall.

Now let me show u some of the "Al Kosha" styles used in Golf area

See this beautiful  way of welcoming the guests 

At the end i wish to every bride to choose the most beautiful and  best "Al Kosha" can ever get for her wedding night !

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oriental Fashion from Bahrain

Bahraini fashion designer Khan latest collection of abaya inspired of traditional heritage and the oriental spirit.

Fabulous !!!!!! Great work ....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Henna Lips, Henna Eyes, Henna Lipsize

Salam 3likom and hi to my visitors and my devotee readers,
I was wondering if any one of u did ever used "Henna Lips" , "Henna eyes" or "Henna Lipsize" ? I'm asking this coz i'm planning to order it soon inshalla and a review of this product will be great before i will buy it.
A revolutionizing new product with henna being transferred into a pen format. 
The pen contains the equivalent of 5 kgs of henna powder! Complements our Henna range.

For those who never heard about this product :

HENNA LIPS -it's a kind semipermanent lipstick and lip liner made of natural ingredients. It's a long lasting color,  it's not smudging  and u won't have the sensation of sticky lips.

HENNA EYES - it's a semipermanent eyeliner which promise us to be unique, long lasting,touch proof it doesn't smudge and it's based on 100% natural henna extract that will not affect ur eyes bcoz of the chemicals used in the regular eyeliner.
If u use abundantly the arabic make up style, then  the only thing i don't like is that this product can not be applied on the inside eye :(  
Anyway it's good that at least u will wake up the next day already beautified :)
I'm very curious how long this will last...?!?

HENNA LIPSIZE- it's a kind of a semipermanent lip plummer for fuller lips.
No more hydroponic acid  girls ! he he he u must go for natural painfulness procedure ... For a fuller lips this product is best choice instead of surgeries.
They say even 1 month after, the color will still be visible ... Amazing, isn't it? 
I will defiantly try all of it , inshalla.

For orders u may visit their site 

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The biggest kandoora ever seen

So far so funny so pretty :) i was really laughing by myself when i saw this he he check it out 


This tooked a lot of time for preparation and the people behind this unusual masterpiece r from S3audia , Tabuk region. The idea emerged when reading about Adam (aleyhi wa salam) biography said one of the young guys.
It tooked 18 days to finish this huge "kandoora" ( or dishdasha however u like to call it ).
Good that out there r people with great ideas :)

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