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Saturday, April 24, 2010

♥ Arab Mania ♥ Website Award

Salam 3alikom and "hello" my dear readers,

Expat Focus Recommended Website

I'm so glad to announce u that my blog has been recommended to the "Expats focus recommended website Award " :) that's so kind of u whoever has been chosen my blog to the Expat Focus Website
I;m sorry i haven't checked my personal email for a long time and many of u r waiting for my reply.
I will do it inshalla soon , i was just surprised this morning seeing this cute news al7md Allah !
Any way , my dears the end of the year, this Website will be holding a poll where members can vote for "Website  for the Year" . Automatically my blog will be included there ....I would be happy if u can vote my blog inshalla :)
Thank u so much for all ur support , without u my blog would have been unvalued !

Love jewelries ?

Yes, i do a lot .... i have my own collection and i guess any woman has the same :) In short i will let the photo's talk coz i'm so tired right night, is it so late over here and hmm i can't take all my attention into here . 

The typical Bedouin Arabic jewelries style

This is the indian style which some of arabs like it :) 

she is an arabic actress but dress and act like indian style :P

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Emaraati Bedouin life style

In old times , our grand – grand fathers used to be real Bedouins, things have changed in present , even the modernization came through  ( nowadays most we live in villas / buildings )  but the traditions are still alive and are a part of  emaraati heritage.

Please allow me to show u  the emaraati Bedouin life style and learn more about bedu traditions and myths  with this video.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dubai fashion week

Salam 3likom ,
My dear friends, bloggers and readers just a short announcement:
On 5th of April at Venue - Emirates Towers, Sh. zayed
 road, Dubai   Monday at 4:15 PM  Mr. Shrekahnth will show his collection  Fall 2010/11, womenswear collection at Dubai Fashion Week.
If this is in ur way, u can stop by to admire his work.
Thank u my dears ! 

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