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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The art of engraving and painting on glass

Maybe u have noticed some arabs loves to have a paint on their windows of the villas. Is it also my case…yep’ in our house our glasses are stained at the groundfloor.
In one morning, i remember while we were staying at the salon having our coffees, one bird ( I guess the humming bird ) has knocking with her beak at the window beliving that  the window glass is actually a flower J yes…so funny bcoz of the stained window, so colorful that made the bird confusing …
Then  I checked in the atlas about this bird and I found it under the name of “ Humming bird “
Coming back to the subject choosing a stained glass in an option that represent the human personality and the building.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Omani make up with accessories

Friday, October 15, 2010

Al Mazarry 3baya fall winter 2010/2011

She’s very known designer around Gulf especially in Uae and Qatar thanks to her participation in several fashion shows like gallery bride in Abu Dhabi and Al 3in, and also including the 2006 at Cosmetic Center World where the actress Salma was part of the jury.
She creates very nice 3baya’s and jalabiyah’s and the prices starts from 1600dhs to 3500dhs.
The evening elegant dresses  prices will start feom 5500dhs and jalabeyah’s vary about 2000dhs.
Expansive, but a good brand …who can afford it will be just a peace of cake… J

Contact informations :
Phone:065225200 , Fax:065243020 , Mobile:506218222
, Blackberry: 21299588
Email : dar.almazarry@live.com

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zain - Al kosha events

This is a good company wich provides all the kosh luxurious decorations ( decor rooms and tents,arrangements,illuminations,audio devices…etc ) for events, weddings.
Their prices starts from 35 thousands dirhams , but with this money u don’t have to worry about anything ( this company provides  everything u need for ur wedding ).
U have some samples here :

If u wish to get a dream wedding ,u can make the reservation by contacting them at Waleed.bonbon@yahoo.com
Phone nr : 0097165731150 or 00971501087174

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