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Friday, July 2, 2010

Perfume tips


Blondes with lighter skin tones tend to have a dryer epidermis where brunettes with darker skin tones tend to have an oilier epidermis. Fragrances last longer on oily skin (brunettes )

Keep bottles tightly stopped, away from direct heat and out of sunlight.  U will certainly know when they have gone off as u'll notice that u do not get that lovely boost of heavenly scent when u spray or dab and the fragrance will look darker in the bottle.  Some perfumes come in blue or opaque bottles and these store perfume well.

  • Put a few drops of perfume onto an oil burner to scent ur bedroom regularly ( as we arabs do with our bokhoor J )

  • U can put a few drops of ur favorite perfume in ur bath. I used to sprinkle few drops of my Arabic perfume oil which will enhance the smell of ur shower gel.

  • Add a few drops of perfume in the rinse water when washing ur lingerie, as o always do … Ur garments will smell adorable when dry.

  • Spray ur favorite fragrance on artificial flowers. I rarely do this, but when I remember why not ?

  • Spray some of ur favorite fragrance on a cotton ball and place it under his/her pillow for a romantic surprise ;)

  • Lightly spray a piece terry cloth with ur favorite perfume and toss it in the dryer with ur sheets or towels. U’ll have a pleasant scented experience.

  • Spray stationary or greeting cards with some perfume or cologne – urs or the recipient’s favorite. Place them in a plastic bag, seal it and leave overnight. Send ur letters or cards with a scented touch.

  • My favorite thing, to spray a little bit of a perfume on a tissue paper and place it in ur bag. Ur bag and the things inside it will smell lovely.

  • Ur hair should always look and smell nice, right? Spray from distance a little bit of ur strongest perfume and u’ll notice the difference !


Jaz said...

Good, creative tips!

Blue Pearl said...

Love perfume and love this post even more. Thanks for the tips:)

Anonymous said...

I put my favourite body lotion in a large container with a big opening on top, add few drops my arabic concentrated perfume (one or many, whichever you like)on the lotion. Mix it will and let it sit somewhere dark and cool for a week. I then use that body lotion for my body then use bukhoor and it smells heavenly!! sf

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

Mashallah 3aleha !!!! thanks for sharing ur tip with us , i must try out :)

do pheromones work said...

I am not good for a fragrance descriptions but I wanted to have a perfume collections.


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