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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The art of engraving and painting on glass

Maybe u have noticed some arabs loves to have a paint on their windows of the villas. Is it also my case…yep’ in our house our glasses are stained at the groundfloor.
In one morning, i remember while we were staying at the salon having our coffees, one bird ( I guess the humming bird ) has knocking with her beak at the window beliving that  the window glass is actually a flower J yes…so funny bcoz of the stained window, so colorful that made the bird confusing …
Then  I checked in the atlas about this bird and I found it under the name of “ Humming bird “
Coming back to the subject choosing a stained glass in an option that represent the human personality and the building.


Slave2Allah said...

Masha'Allah its a beautiful look!

Blue Pearl said...

Loved stained glasses! Thanks for this lovely post. I hope you are well, have a great week ahead, inshallah:) hugs and love

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