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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Make up competition

Salamu 3leikom my dears and a worm "hello" for my european readers,

long time .... hope u all guys do well and that the season Eid's ( i reffer to chirstians ) was just as u have planned . With delay i wish u all A HAPPY NEW YEAR with prosperity !
Today i just caught up my free time and i ran fast to my blog special for u to let u all know u r not forgotten :)
I saw something very nice and i'm absolutely sure u will like it .

Check this out ---> the Make up competition held in Jeddah 

Love it !!!


Anonymous said...

I like the make-up on picture 1 and 3. I don't like heavy make-up, atleast something light to bring out the features, not create another person :) sf

Mr Haroona said...

Do you have any Henna design pictures, for hands?

Anonymous said...

this make-up is scary, only like the first picture, and why wear a niqab if u are being a make-up artist, I dont get it. dont like the make-up at all, it's tooooo much

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