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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jewish in Yemen

Who would believe there are Jewish in Yemen?!? Recently i have heard this and i would like to share some pics with u.
I don't know much about their customs, but just the way women dress up u may get confused and believe to be Muslims at the first sight !


Baji said...

this is so interesting! wow i learned something new today! thanks!

Anya said...

wow thats pretty cool!

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Nice post! I would love to visit the Jewish community in Yemen. Their customs are so much more archaic. The way they read Hebrew is beautiful too!

kakchik said...

salam sis.
thank you for sharing. i never knew that there are jews in yemen. looking at their women, i might think they are muslims but men might be easily differentiate because of their hairstyle.

angie nader said...

i heard of yemeni jews before...but thats it.
thanks for sharing!

iman said...

They are called Yemenite Jews. They are expert silversmiths and make alot of the fine jewelery in Yemen. Alot of them either went to Israel or became Muslim in the 20th century Al7amdullillah but the ones that remain are less than 1000

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

Mashallah my dear sister, thank u very much for educating me and giving me informations about this community i never knew :)
Yezech Allah 5ayr !

Anonymous said...

I just came from Yemen a few months ago and there are estimated to be less than 200 left in the whole country. Though I went to a supposedly abandoned jewish village just outside the capital Sana'a and I saw a little girl with the typical headdress cap in your pics. They were the silversmiths and best craftsmen in Yemen. Every muslim, Arab or Jew should know about them. Their community existed in Yemen before Islam. Also many tribes in western Saudi were once Jewish and Christian but they converted. After the creation of the state of Israel they began leaving Yemen. There is now a group of Yemeni Jewish Israels who wish to go back to Yemen to live. But now with the uprising and all the problems it won't be possible.

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