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Saturday, May 15, 2010

The traditional dance of UAE

Sbakum Allah bel 5yr ,

today i wanna talk and show u the differences between "Ayyala " ," Al Yolah " and " Harbeyah" . These three types of folk traditional dance accompanied by music and poetries is it part of our emaraati heritage. There are also some other types of dance like liwa,5ayali ....etc , which may delight the visitors of UAE.
The dance and music is a way of expressing our joyfulness where is it usually to be found in weddings, national holidays, festivals, parties, friends gatherings...etc.
There are many famous music groups which perform some of the traditional  dance across UAE  at weddings.
"Ayyala" ( from "lyaly" which means "enemy " ) is it symbolize a battle which defeat the enemy and ending with a celebration of a victory and can be done up to a large amount of people.
Every year there is a "Al Maidan Festival", a competition for the best local dancer.
In this video u will see the differences between the two main famous traditional dance and the roots of it.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know how useful your blog on different types of Emirati dance has been to me. Thanks for posting it with the photos - brilliant!

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