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Thursday, June 25, 2009

From pearls to precious stones

Like millions of others across the world, UAE women have a passionate relationship with jewellery. Emarati women love the traditional gold pieces and also favour more contemporary designs studded with diamonds, rubies and other precious and semi-precious stones.

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Women in United Arab Emirates wear jewellery such as tasah, which adorns head and hair, murtasaha (a chain), khawatem (rings), merria (necklace), khaf (a decorative ornament for the hand) and heyool (bangles/bracelets).The other ornaments worn include haqab (worn around the waist like a belt), shagab (earrings) and shawahed (rings worn on the index finger).

National women are increasingly favouring metals such as platinum, white gold and diamonds and other gems.
Costume jewellery too is gaining ground and is preferred for daily, casual wear and sometimes on formal occasions.

Jewellery stores across the UAE also manufacture and sell exclusive traditional and contemporary jewellery. Damas is the best choice !.

I myself love so much Dammas jewelleris, they are quite expansive, but deserve it all the money!


Anonymous said...

what about 3bayav wa she7lah tell us about it

malizea said...

it's just gorgeous!I love jewels

Lisa said...

Mashallah all of the jewelry is amazing. Especially the Gold in the bottom second to last photo. I just really like your blog!

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