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Friday, June 19, 2009

₪.Arab Mania Fashion Group .₪.

♥ARAB MANIA ♥ Presents you Every Week Contest related or not related to Islamic Fashion.
Come and join us and you must be one of the winner to our weekly Contests.
We love fashion and we wanna show to the hole world that a muslim woman can be as much as beautiful,stylish and glamurous as the magazine models.Many out there might think wrong and have a lot of misconceptions about muslim woman.

Muslim women is it not opressed, is it not to keep it only at home and is it not an object without personality !

We created this fashion group on Polyvlore just as a response to those arrogant people they refuse to see the beauty of Islam.

Here is it our winners with their beautiful sets ... Congratulations my dears and thank you for your work !

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