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Monday, August 30, 2010

Laylatul Qadr is closed

Salam 3alikom my dear sisters and readers,

how u doing, how is it going on with ur fasting ? Hope by the grace of Allah all of u have a blessed Ramadhan filled with 5ayr and baraka .. Hope this month u got more closer to Allah and that all ur deeds r most of the righteous deeds from along the whole year  inshalla …
Sob7anallah, this Ramadhan is it almost over , more than a week … and we will be completed inshallah .
Starting from now on, we have to seek  for “Laylatul Qadr” it has a special merits . Don’t forget my dears to serch for it on   21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th or 29th must be in one of those days , nobody knows but Allah.
Is it sunnah to say this du3a :

"Allahumma innaka 
3afuwwun tuhibbul 3afwa 
fa fu 3annee -

 O Allah! YOU r forgiving, 
and YOU love forgiveness. 
So forgive me."

Remember, ask for whatever u wish, but don’t forget to ask for forgiveness, because the last place we all want to end up is in Hell…
Just incase u r not sure what to ask for:
·         Forgiveness for urself, ur family, ur loved ones and the ummah ( muslim nation )
·         Guidance to the straight path
·         Purification of mind, body and soul
·         Knowledge of the religion
·         Wisdom
·         The best of the world and the next
·         A righteous spouse
·    Paradise
·         Etc etc
Dont ask for things like long life, more money, etc because all of this has already been apportioned for u and it cannot be changed.
Before i finish my post i wanna dedicate this beautiful emaraati Ramadhan song edition for all my readers ( it's from last year, sorry i don;t have the new 2010 ..)

Enjoy it !.

1 comment:

Blue Pearl said...

Lovely post. I hope that your last ten days (especially the odd nights) will be fulfilling. May Allah accept all your good dua and repentence, Inshallah. Ameen. hugs and love.:)

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