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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Qatari museum

Salam my dears,
how r u , how is it going with ur fast ? 5ayr inshallah …Bcoz if the Holly month of Ramadan, this month I will give priority to religious posts before anything else J
Here I have for u some photos of Qatari Museum


IamSilla said...

wow!!!!!!!!! such pretty museum. this is the best museum i ever seen in my life

Blue Pearl said...

Salaam alaikum. My fast is going well, Al7umdulillah! what about yours? I love this museum - its even more beautiful close up and catching sight of it, driving around the corniche in the evenings. The art in the museum is just as remarkable. I have some pictures to post of the art - will do so soon.

bosnishmuslima said...

Salam alaikum sister,

mashallah, I love your pics...Some time ago I saw the opening of the museum of islamic art on german television and was so impressed. Inshaallah I will vistit it on my next trip to the middle east.

By the way, I love your bloggs. It happened by accident, that I found it. I was googling after the beautifull abayas you emirati women are wearing and so I found you :-)) And so I come from time to time to see what is happening....

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