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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Crazy idea for a hump look !

Salam my dear readers,

today I wanna bring some smile on ur lips with this funny post. I found it very interesting and funny ... Check it out by urself !

What a crazy idea, ya bent el 7alal what kind of a fashion is this?!? This is really freaking me out, I guess a “mishbak “ is it too expansive instead getting this trash ? J
Crazy girl…it's just making fun on the girls who wear emaraati way of shaylah with the flower clip giving the look of a camel hump .....J
Great IE 


IamSilla said...

well i think it loooks funny. the hump looks weird tooo


Mrs. Handbag Addict said...

ahahah hilarious! my kuwaiti friends kept making fun of the gamboo3a saying it was a yogurt cup lol... or saying it amy winehouse middle east version lol! I happen to think the flower clip style is very cute =)

Asma said...

Salaam...this idea is very crazy! When I first looked at the pictures in the beginning it looked like something to do with food and then all of a sudden she wears it under her scarf lol. I like the flower clips which look lovely!

soso said...


chek out some gorgeous hijabs, unique style

do chek them out

خالد علي حنشل said...

Fashion madness and this madness for women in the present era in the State

Wonderful blog and I am very glad it Bhetwaagdi

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Actually, the style DID start with yogurt cups--girls glued flowers to them. They looked better than THAT though, lol.

BuLaN said...

oh well, at least she recycled:)

wardda said...

hi !^^ I'm new here,i just ''found'' ur blog on the internet,and I LOVE IT! :)
I'm a muslima from Spain and i have one Question:Why the emirati,kuwaiti...womens always wear BLACK aabayas?cannot be other colours?and why always men wear white ones?
Thanks for the reply and...sorry for my english mistakes!

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