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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pretty dresses

Salam my dears and “Hi”,

how was ur al 3id ? Hope that u enjoyed, got nice presents and ate the best food ….J
While I was surfing on some forum, I have found those beautiful dresses that I would definitely have on my 3id occasion.
Love so much chiffon and rainbow colors… they match so good with any of ur accessories no matter what color is it !
I love to play with colors and I found those dresses suitable to dress it even on a day time.
Why not?
I like to be out of “normality “ and be different .
Never be afraid of colors, combine them as u like, dress as u feel good, feel the vibration of the colors....


Anonymous said...

the dresses are absolutely gorgeous. would you mind sharing which store they can be found at or the links to teh website of the pics?


Umm YAsmeen

Anonymous said...

Eid Mubarak to you and yours. sf

Francesca said...

Definitely gorgeous!
I would like to be able to wear those dresses during daytime, but I think they could be suitable just for a feast into a castle!

Umm Kadhim said...


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