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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New collagen eye mask !

Salam my dears,
Today i got my  "crystal collagen eye mask"  which i order it and was eagerly in getting it soon, so today is my lucky day al7md allah ! Tonight i'm gonna apply it and let u know more about this product.

Is it for:

- lack of sleep, living without the law those who often stays up late;
- long-term use eye make-up or improper use of cosmetics persons;
- fatigue, caused by the bags under the eyes, etc. 
- routine maintenance of the general population of the eye.
- reduce dark circles, fine wrinkles , eyebags and moisturize ur eye skin


1 After cleaning the face,take out the eye patch,cause the eye patch to paste tightly the eye skin.With double index and middle fingers,lightly press the eye patch.20-30 minutes each time.
2 For first time users ,1 times/ 1 day.Use continuously for 7 days.Use 2-3 times every week after 7 days.

At this time , the product it's very highly used in Taiwan, that's why i wanted to try it by myself and not only listening the reviews.
I know i haven't ordered enough, but i just wanted first to give a try and if i'm satisfied with the results, then i will get more inshalla.What do u use girls for ur eyes and u r really staidfied with the product results?
Coz I have been trying for years in getting rid of my dark circles around my eyes, and yet i haven't find a good product, so i thought of this ;)



7orma Khalid said...

alsalam 3alikom,

this product is really good for ladies 30+ because that is an average time when the skin starts to slow down in production collagen. i use BB lab products derived from placenta. and it does miracles and yes it will remove the black circles. i use placent 10 japanese product

khaleejia said...

I had exact same masks. i dunno i didn'n notice any difference, I didn't like them.

But i hope these masks r useful for other people.

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

Thank u 7omra Khalid w 5aleejia.
I tried that and the next day i woke up with one of my eye baggy :(
I don't know if it's really from that or some insect bite me ...
I must find out more abt this BB lab products 7orma Khalid told us abt it.
I wish i can find some good products inshalla...

7ormat Khalid said...

BB products are hard to find unless u live in Japan or some specialized areas. as for the mask , anything before 40 with collagen might not be a good idea. but then again it depends on a skin condition.. be careful please. i rediscovered BOBBI BROWN only moisturizing cream it is AMAZING plus the eye cream that removes the dark color under the eyes ... try it :)

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