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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Md Lashfactor / Lip,eye henna semi permanent reviews

Salam 3likom and hello to my readers,
how u doing my dears, hope u all r fine... Late but let me congratulate first all Muslims "Eidkom Mbarak w Kol w entum bl 5ir " and hope u had a great celebration.
I'm so sorry that i haven't updated my blog, but as u see i was very busy.I got some new things to do and for hope for future to be able in keeping touch with u.
Five days back i received my most wanted items - LIP / EYE HENNA SEMI PERMANENT and i wanted to share with u my opinion regarding those item plus the MD LASHFACTOR that i have promised u all i will come back with more reviews.
The LIP/ EYE HENNA SEMIPERMANET is it nice, i like it so much is it really last for few days on ur eye and lips, even u try so hard to erase it u have no chance :) I was almost scratching my skin, i tried also with make up cleansing solution,then with water and liquid soap and amazingggggggg the henna is it still there ! That's perfect, when u apply it , next day u will wake up already beautified. The lines u apply on ur eye or lips must be precise,otherwise u don't try it if u don't want people make fun of u :)

The mistake i did is that i didn't consulted properly the color catalog and i haven't choosed the good color for my lips - i wished it was more light and natural ... The nr i picked up is "Cherry Pink F20"
Like this looks the color on the skin

Inshalla i will choose another one and hope this time to get the color i want.

Now i wanna share with u my opinion regarding MD LASHFACTOR  - i almost have now 3 weeks and something since i'm using it and to be honest i don't see much difference , except that my lashes r really more thick , but not longer as i was expected and as the product advertising use to promise us.
So for 150 USD doesn't really worth paying if u r expecting ur lashes to grow and become longer than u have it.
It works for those persons they r loosing their eyelashes and for those who really wants to get them more thick and voluminous. 

That's it for day girls, i wish u all a great day and hope to come back at u soon with hot things !



Jaz said...

thanks for the reviews & welcome back to blogging we missed you :)

Princess said...

Salam sis! Eid mbarak to you too w kl 3am w inty bi elf khayr! Mabrook on finally getting your makeup and thanxx for the great reviews, the Henna for the eyes seems really cool! Insha'Allah you will enjoy it! <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Nice good review, I'm really thinking of buying this product or something similar.

One question, did the make-up smudge in the morning?

Reema B. said...

Salam 3alaikum wa a late 3eed mbarak to you too!! It was also thanksgiving and I had posted a blog post about this unity of 2 festivities with links to different charitable websites if you're interested to check it out. Welcome back to blogging and I hope all is well with you..
Hmm...I think that once I get back home to Dubai inshallah in winter break, I'll try to check this product out and will let you know what I think ;-)

You're more than welcome to come visit the Tea House at http://teatimereflections.blogspot.com

Sweetie said...

Asalam Alaykum, I love your blog so much :).. Are you in KSA? I am as well..

Anyway I wanted to tell you that I just made a new design shop and you should stop by and leave a comment bc I am doing a free banner for the winner inshAllah..


Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikom,
I'm curious what the eyeliner looked like... Is it like a liquid liner and after a few days did the lines still look crisp and dark? I always want to try the long-lasting stuff but I'm nervous about leaving make up on my face so long.

Anonymous said...

slm sis can i get these products in saudia im going to makkah wa madinah for umrah?also wer can i find nice abayaat there shukran


Anonymous said...

slm sis can i get these products in saudia im going to makkah wa madinah for umrah?also wer can i find nice abayaat there shukran

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

Salam 3likom my dears,
Sorry for my late reply, as u see i'm still bit busy ...

To "Hamda Issa-Salwe", the henna pencil doesn't really smudge much on the next day.

To "eyes serene", those pencils r more like markers, the same texture.

To "Sweetie", i'm not in KSA dear inshalla i will come across ur blog when i'll get some free time .

To "Anonymous" i don't know if they have in KSA,if u can't find it u can try ordering from here inshalla

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