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Friday, December 25, 2009

Miss Arab World 2009

 !!! أنا سعودية
said the lucky girl who got the Miss Arab World Contest 2009 held in Cairo . I know it's little late to post this, i'm so sorry  i completely forgot  about this topic :P but never it's late ;) 

Accordingly to jury , the 2009 Miss Arab World met the standards of beauty .... hmm i personally can say that they might have some more other options , but i can't neither say she is or she is not beautiful ..... she's just pretty to me :)


shakuka said...

salam aleykom, i was liking the girl from somalia more ! :)

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

Mashallah, our beautiful sisters all round lol, i thought personally there were other options too but yeah shes pretty mashallah, everyone is beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that
nice post
naz :)

Yoetke said...

She is pretty, but she has a definite kind of classic beauty to her. I like this!

Sara said...

asalamu alaikum sister!

ohh ive missed you xoxox

I have been so bizy latley with everything sob7anallah but Im good al hamdulilah.

Mz arab world is so pretty. I like that she is not a stick thin figure and she has a nice smile mashallah.

Princess said...

Salam habibti, how are you? Insha'Allah bi elf khayr! i saw this too n i was like yeah i need to post this.....and then i forgot LoL nice to see you did not forget, better late then never! mwAhhhhh!

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

Salaam my dears, thanks for still checking out my blog posts :)
I missed u ya Sara, Ya Amoora ( Princess) and all my devotee readers... hope u all r fine and in a good health !

many hugs xoxo

KINHA said...

Hy my friend

Pretty girls isnt'it?


Noor said...

HMM I think she paid the judges off, lol.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Love her dress!

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