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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Plastic surgery caprice

Hayakom Allah,
how r u doing my dear readers, inshalla 5ir ( hope everything is fine ) . Here i am after this break , i'm back to u ... i guess it's getting harder to restrain from things i like and one of those is - posting . As i had mentioned to u in me previous post, i'm no more available as i used to , no more giving my hole time posting... but don't be sad dear reader, i will try my best at times to be in touch with u with great stuffs inshalla !
Today while cleaning my laptop , i  found something which might be interested . We all saw that beautiful arab stars, celebrities look always young, fresh, no marks of fatigue face, no wrinkles, no dark circles....they just seems to be perfect without any imperfection. Well the plastic surgery is the answer ; but if we go back years later, when they were young , we will see the big differences that Plastic Surgery can do to the mankind , sob7n allah .... 
Before starting to share with u the photos with the arabian celebrities  " BEFORE" and "AFTER" , i need to mention to our muslem sisters that Plastic Surgery is it 7aram in Islamic viewpoint. 
I can't say that i'm totally agree with it, but also i do not encourage as well as a solution to some caprice. 
Now that i have finished my "speech", let's have a look at them



.::Tuttie::. said...

i can't tell the difference between the before or after. I also don't know who these people are or why they are famous.

UaeFan said...

salam aleikom my friend,
nice to see you here again :)
i can
t believe nancy was looking that way ! that's scary ... some of them are even better before than after ;)
thank you

Anonymous said...

Salam from Malaysia,
I think the most prominent changes they have in common are the eyebrows which tend to be more fine as compared to bushy eyebrows in yesteryears...obseve the eyebrows...looks of the same pattern...and also as they matured...they exudes their confidence that they have ..it comes with experience I guess.

just my thought...cheers!


Anonymous said...

such a big change
nancy is the worst
do you also wear alot of makeup

Anonymous said...

I figured that they have all done some major work done. They all look the same after surgery. That's very scary. They make normal women compete to be like them where their looks r all fake. Sf

Girl said...

Some of them are more beautiful before.
I don't know if it is haram, because there is the {sahih bukhari} saying of Aisha {r.a.}, that for your husband, do anything to please him...even if it means replacing your eye.

Of course they did not have plastic surgery back then, she was just talking in poetry like metaphor, but maybe this means it is ok? Since Prophet {SAW} never said such things are haraam?

Well there are some people who hate how they look, so for them to be happy, i think it is good.

Texan in UAE said...

omg- subhana'Allah! awful! just awful! ugh... astagferAllah. Why do they do their eyebrows like this? So thin and ugly.. they honestly look very scary. Not nice, at all. Their lips are awful. shame on those surgeons who do this awful work.

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