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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The burq3a

Burq3a – or “burg3a” the local accent is the traditional covering face with the metalic look worn in Gulf area.
Not to be confused with the head to toe burq3a from Afghanistan J
Many people mistakenly belive that burq3a is it made out of a metal, but in fact is it  made from cloth imported from India.

As is customary in the fashion, they are in different forms from country to country over the time, different shades of colors and different names.

The emirates burq3a differ from city to city especially in cutting style.
The Bahraini and Qatari burqa is square-shaped, they don't cut and curve the edges of the eye slits while the Omani burq3a is very large with a strange look.

Our mothers are still far away from wearing it, despite of the development and civilization , this affects co much our area  as I see this custom seems to disappear among us. 

However there are three types of shinny texture in burq3a:

1. Red : the most expansive and highest quality ...
2. Yellow : lower quality of the Red ...
3 Green: a little quality

Burq3a insipartions 

Emaraati burq3aa sunglasses trend

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1 comment:

Muslimah said...

Subhanallah all this time I thought it was made from metal! Now that i look at it closely, it does look like material.. very shiny..


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