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Monday, June 21, 2010

Khaleeji dialect

Every Arabic speaker can be recognized by his dialect what nationality he holds. Arabic standard is it different than any other dialects used in each country.The Gulf dialect , know as  Arabiah Al Khaleeiiah which  is it spoken in countries like the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait.

The standard Arabic is it  written, but those khaleeji dialects are not written, only spoken and are understood by all gulf countries, except some words or phrases or pronunciation  which may differ from country to country and especially the Bedouin dialect which is very hard to be understood even for some khaleeji locals. 

Emaraati dialect is it easy to recognized it by the specific pronunciations and  replacement of the letters such as  the classic Arabic “ K”  with “ ch” and most of “ J” we pronounce it “Y”and sometime “Q” is it prounced “g”. For instance we have the classic Arabic word of “ kaif  halik” ( means how are u ) , we would say “ chaif al 7al”  or “ chaif al 7alich” ( for female) . Then we have  the pure Arabic word “jaded” ( means new), we say “ yedid”  “jalsa” ( means to sit)  we say “ yelsa” , “dajaj” ( means chicken) we say “deyay”…..etc and so on. Some uae words may differ from city to city, but most are understood by emaraati nationals and even by the  Arabic residents who live in within uae.


Emaraati  words:
“7ayak / ch  allah” - may God give u life
“mashkoor /a “ – when we say “thank u”
“t3rf 3rabi?” – do speak Arabic?
“sho balak enta/ enti” – was up , what’s wrong ?
“a7ibek / ch “ – I love u
“ fdeitek / ch “ – i adore u , I sacrifice for u
 “deriseh” – window
“z3lan /a” – angry
“7elwo” – nice
“dal3ooa enti ” – u are a spoiled girl
“6fs” – a shameful person 
“ bazian/ bazineh” – arrogant person
“freej” – neighborhood 
“yerran” – neighbors
“alyoum” – today 
“bacher” – tomorrow
" alheyn" - now
" sida " - straight
" yemin " - right
" isaar" - left
“ wainek / ch” – where are u ?
“chalemni”  - talk to me / call me ( for female)
“areed 3rf” – I need to know
“ ana ma adri “ or “ sho dr3neeh” – I don’t know
" sho tba / tbghi " - what do u want
“yeeb / i  shai “ – bring me tea
“kam hadha” - how much ( cost this )
“3andak / i  fulus “ – I have money / u have money
“mafi mushkeela” – no problem
“ay shey” - whatever
“5ari” or “ bar3a” - out

Kuwaity words:

“shlonek / ch “ – how are u
“6is” – get away
“7ano6ek” – no chance
“eshre6lah” – to make a promise , but not keeping it
“feek nashlak” – u have cold 
“edaad” – may God help u 
“eysh3ndek etnaber “ – what are u digging for


Jaz said...

Really interesting post! I like to have a bit of information about each dialect, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I really like this post. I always wanted to know about the Emarati dialect because I find it interesting :]

Could you do more about them?

Anonymous said...

THANK you Arabmania! That's a great post and will be of help to many!

I love khaleeji dialect- sounds very good to me.

jazach allahu khair!

Anonymous said...

I also love the khaleeji dialect and I think I might pick it faster if I lived there for some time. I have a background in the hadhrami arabic(my background) though haven't even been to Yemen yet :S

koko said...

Salaam 3leikum, I just wanted to point out a mistake in the emarati words. It should be daloo3a, not d3looa.

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

Yep' ya' right by mistake i hurried up with my post and i did not checked twice before posting ...

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