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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Do we need a bag ?

The bag is the most precious accessory ever invented.Valuable not because costs a fabulous amount of money, precious bcoz women can not do without the bag even at the desert picnic. 
 Handbag is a sanctuary full of magic and mysticism. Beware ... if u open the bag of a woman, u will find the strangest objects in it, which certainly have not even heard!
In emirates, the local women pay so much attention to the bag ( as I have already mention in one of my old posts ).
That means some women spend a lot on brand bags, and some they just simply go to some places famous sealing replica bags and get their desired bag for a less price. It doesn’t make the difference if u see the bag, looks like the original one.

I’m sure every local woman has got original brand bags plus the replica bags…is it a trend in the latest 6 years ! But do u know that an original branded bag can cost more than a car ? Yes, u heard it very good, that’s ridiculous, but true… but for some women it doesn’t matter the price of it as long as her husband will be there to spoil her and provide everything she needs.
A bag can change the entire of ur look good or ill. It can complete ur outfit, can colorit it, can be a hallmark of ur personality or status.
A plane black 3abaya worn with a colorful branded bag and in tone with ur shaylah, will give the best effect.

I remember when I was a kid I don’t often pay so much attention to my bags collection, but in time I started to change that and became really obsessive about the bags I’m owning J
When we go to a party, wedding, reception… i belive most of women deal with  a “tragedy”. I say this bcoz we can not take large bags for daily use, and must opt for a fashionable party bag with different swarovski stones matching our outfit. The “tragedy” is it when we have to sort out the things strictly necessary designed to enter to the small bag.

A woman without a bag will stand out like “something strange” , an image almost incomplete.
I’m always wondering how many bags a woman can collect all her entire life ?!? I remember some one so dear to me, has got 96 bags till now…and still to go on, coz still young ! May God give her a long life and a unique collection of a bags ….


Jaz said...

I love the Prada one!

Anonymous said...

i love your post!!!! they r the best!

Anonymous said...

Assalam alaikum.

That's one of the women's favourite topics. Generally I like bags. But just like there are women proud of their expensive and impressive bag collection, I'm of those women who are actually proud of the opposite. I'm proud of my simple and inexpensive bags and I own only 2-3 at a time. Although like many other women I do like to look at beautiful bags, I always enjoy window shopping or browsing designer websites to see what's new. Yet I dont need to buy and to own these bags. I simply don't have it in me. I'm not a bag person and very happy like that. Even if there are moments when I may catch this bag/shoe/abaya/jewelry etc fever, it always passes. I'm not a material girl and just cant imagine myself owning impressive collections of bags or shoes (collecting goods always make me wonder what would happen to this stuff once I die lol )

I also often go out without a bag at all. I guess I'm not a typical woman then :)

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