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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Delicious dishes over Gulf area

As salamu 3alaikom my dears, 
today i wanna share with u some of the famous dishes eaten on the Gulf region. We arabs are well known of food minded people, we love to eat good, savory,  healthy food and for this reason most of our mothers spent a lot of time in the kitchen doing all the hard work for making her family pleased . In some families even we have got the maid servant, sometimes our mothers loves to show their admiration for the family members, by cooking herself and feeding us with food made by her hand :) ...that's pretty cool and very intelligent way of showing appreciation for her husband and kids....
In some other families, the mothers will start preparing the daughters at a "fresh" age familiarizing them with kitchen work, teaching them recipes, some secrets of a perfect meal ... and all this for the purpose in being ready to face alone the kitchen work when time to get married . 
They like daughters to leave the paternal house with a good knowledge of house work and marriage issues , so that the new husband will have nothing wrong to say about their daughter ( this is very common mentality over old families ). 
Other type of arabic families are the opposite, they are very open mind so the mothers love to  their daughters while they are in the paternal house, leaving the teachings for later on , when they will get married and being at their own houses , the mother will give "training" to the daughter at that time. 
In short this is the cooking matters in arab world, and now i will let u taste from the most delicious food consumed all over the Gulf area.


Anonymous said...

lahm b'jeen. halawet sham. ruman!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaa lol soo tasty!!!


Anonymous said...

Yum. Names and recipes plz. sf

Anonymous said...

yummmmmy, all the knafa and baqlawa you can eat!!!

ukthi, u see the 5th picture, can I please, please, PLEASE have the recipe, I've been looking and looking for it EVERYWHERE and NO ONE in London knows it!!!!

the markook with z'ataar, (I dnt know what u call it)

Allah yesilimak and grant u a massive palace in Jannah!!! Ameen Ya Rab

shukran :)

Anonymous said...

Nice pics!!!

They have a lot of restaurants and shops with delicious beautifully looking and diverse food. I love buffet in some places- a lot of mouthwatering choice!

Have I ever told you that you've got an awesome blog, sis? :)

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Aaaw, what a delicious mouth watering pics. Oh, God how I miss food from Dubai. Europeans can learn from your culinary art;-)

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