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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Applying Kohl is Mustahab

Kohl ("Ithmad" or"Ithmid"),  is a lead free ancient remedy. According to Islamic texts, pure "Ithmad" strengthens the nerves of the eye, and acts as a "cure all" for ocular diseases. It is highly recommended for the elderly whose eyesight has weakened. In this case, it is better to mix the Kohl with Musk. 
It dissolves excess flesh around ulcers and closes the wounds while cleansing the areas around them. It relieves headaches when blended with pure, watery  honey, prevents the blistering of burns, helps cure skin damages caused by fire and it nourishes the eyelashes making them grow nice and long.

 Kohl is beneficial for the eye before going to sleep, especially since the eyes will not be moving thus the kohl will have the most favorable effect.

Here’s the sunna way of putting kohl on ur eyes

 To apply Surma, Kohl (collyrium) to the eyes is Mustahab (peferable). Besides the benefit to the eyes, one would also get recompense (Thawab) for following the prophetic practice:

1.It is reported from Ibn Abbas (Ra) that the Prophet (SAW) used to apply the collyriyum of Ithmid (a mineral product) thrice to each eye every night before retiring to bed."

2.Hafiz Ibn Hajar and Mulla Ali Qari have preferred those traditions which indicate that the kohl-rod was applied to each eyes thrice.

3.Jabir (Ra) reports that the Prophet (SAW) has advised to apply the collyrium of Ithmid to the eyes as it increases the light of the eyes and helps grow the eye-lashes." (Shamaa'il)

There is no fixed time in applying Kohl( Surma) in general two to three times each eye (or three times in the right eye and twice in the left one) but applying it before retiring to bed is beneficial. (Ahsanul Fataawa Vol. 9 Pg. 74)
 And as i have mentioned in myprevious posts about the Kohl, use the safety product if u wanna benefit from the things u have read.
Once again i say to u , Guerlain kohl, Rani kohl and Al Ithmid kohl r best to use.
For those who never seen "Al Ithmid" and wanna buy it i will show u a picture with the product inshalla.

Beside kohl, the oil grow lashes or conditioner will complete ur  beauty.
 I mention that in Islamic point of  view, kohl must be applied only in front of ur mahram and not outside the house.


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I think that the real kohl is so beautiful too. I never knew that it also had benefits until seeing your posts.

Huda said...

Awesome post! I recently moved to KSA and I was curious about Ithmid so thanks for this! :D Although to be frank I never saw this brand in KSA, only the Rani kohl XD I'm planning on trying the Rani one later :D

I have a question however, do you wash off your eyeliner before wudhu? Or you just take your wudhu with your eyeliner on? I'm quite confused about this. ^^;

Thanks in advance! And great blog, btw :D

Princess said...

Salam sis! thanx for all the great kohl tips! i always luv visiting your blog n you know that!
mwahh <3 <3

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

3likom salam my dears, thanks for the beautiful words :)
The pure kohl is having those benefits,but i think other like rani,guerlain contain some little chemicals in it the same as the regular make up is having.So, for our safety and beauty it's better to clean it before going to bed :P
Huda - make wudhu before applying kohl and if ur wudhu will break after that, u must remove it and take again the wudhu.
Myself, i'm always trying my best to keep my wudhu for long time when i have make up.

Sara said...

asalam alaikum. I left my eyebrows grow out but now i dont know if i wanna keep them that way for the wedding hehehehe. Inshallah soon.

SO yeah i love khol and ive been missing you!


Anonymous said...

Salam from Malaysia,

Interesting post! Wonder where can I get the Ithmid Kohl in Malaysia?


Anii-Star said...

salaam my darling sister, i hope you are fine, i was really missing you, unfortunatly my internet is not working perfectly and i am not online very often but when i came online i came straight to your blog hehe omg omg omg omg i actually baught this kohl recently from an islamic shop. I am having problems because i have never used this type of powder before in my life . . when i put it in my eyes it feels like sand and burns my eyes . . . what should i do ? i am soo surprised that i actually baught this last week and you wrote a post about it wow !


loveee uuuu xoxoxo

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

3likom salam w ra7mat ya Aniiii, i'm so happy u read my blog when u get free time :) that's really a pleasure my dear,i appreciate ur sweet words !I'm fine al7md allah bas shawy busy those days.
What u r saying to me seems to be not 100% or another reason for ur red eyes must be the sensibility to this product.
Usually this product should not irritate the eyes if 100% free of chemicals.
Try to make also the allergy test on ur hand and see if u r allergic to this product or not.

Hope u fine dear, i wish u will get back ur internet to go ahead with ur beautiful interesting posts...

Kisses xoxo

SisInGermany said...

as-salamu alaykum, Jazaki Allahu khayran for your great article on Kohl. Do you know where I can buy this brand of Kohl that you recommended? I live in Germany, therefore I can't find them here.

Thank you!

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

alikom alslam dear,
first sorry for my late reply...
I don't really know where u can find in Germany, but i guess u can try online shoppings like ebay or something else?!

Girl said...

I like this post!

@Huda: I would advise you not to use the Rani kohl because it is not the traditional surma that the Prophet recommended, rather, it is made of ground ash and is purely cosmetic AND contains LEAD.
Same goes for Hashmi kohl. Both Rani and Hashmi kohl may irritate eyes. They contain NO benefits aside from cosmetic.

The true SURMA type kohl which the Prophet {SAW} taught us about is made of COLLYRIUM.
Pure kohl is FREE of lead, it strengthens the eyes, and it is Sunnah. It doesn't irritate eyes, either.
It is hard to find, I got mine from Makkah, its other name is ITHMAD, as the blog writer said.

Second point: Islamically, kohl IS allowed in front of non-mahrum, contrary to what the blog writer wrote
{sorry, I apologize to the blog author, but this is the truth from the Ahadith I read}.

As long as you wear it with intention of following Sunnah, both men and women may wear it in public. If you go to Pakistan, for example, both men and women wear it out of love of the Prophet {following his Sunnah}. Also the desert regions of Arabia.

If the intention is to simply wear it for your own beauty, nothing else, then of course, you will not get the reward.

But I believe it is wrong to forbid it as "haraam" since the Prophet allowed it. We are not allowed to forbid things that are not forbidden in the religion.

The only thing is, the person who wears it for Sunnah will receive extra blessings {sawaab}, and the person who wears it for beauty will not.

I apologize if my comment contains inaccuracies, but from my study, this is what I believe. If I am wrong, feel free to correct me.

Girl said...

One more thing I wanted to add is that real Surma/Kohl {like in the Sunnah} is made of a mineral which looks like a silver rock.

It is ground up and becomes a dark sparkly grey-black powder. This is one way of knowing the difference between real, lead-free kohl, and the cosmetic kind.

If you have a relative going to Makkah or Madinah you can ask them to get it for you. It is sold in every street market there, and often they grind it up in front of you. :) Hope this helps anyone who was looking for the true kohl used by Prophet.

Concealed Jewel Inc. said...

As salaamu 'alaikum. Baarakallaahu feeki. If you are going to use ifo from our web site, please state your references as simply copying and pasting someone else's intellectual property is haraam and Islaam recognizes these right. See www.bakkah.net for details.

Also, according to proofs, Umm 'Abdillaah al Waadi-iyyah - the learned daughter of Shaykh Muqbil rahimahullaah, a woman does not have to remove kohl from her eyes before making wudhu. Kohl does not break the wudhu.

Jazaakillaahu khairan. This message is for the admin of this blog only, not for the public. Please do not post.

Concealed Jewel Inc.

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

3alikom al salam w ra7mat,
dear Concealed Jewel Inc. let me tell u i don't say that is not 7aram copying info from different sites without asking the permission for it. Just simply, i can't remeber the site i got those info so that's why i did not have link it. If u just google it u will be surprised that u will find many sites talking about this subject !
Nr.2 VERY IMPORTANT FOR OUR DEEN, PLS DON'T TRY TO GIVE FATWA IF U R NOT LEGALIZED FOR IT ! Any one of us can give fatawa's without any study, but as our Rasool (saw) said we must care abt spreading wrong info regarding our deen.
My informations r based on Islamic resources recognised by Islamic scholars and well known Sheikhs.
Jzakalla 5ir for ur sugestion !

Jehan said...

The doctors in UK and Saudi Arabia said Kohl ithmid actually composed of lead sulphide. This link shows how ithmid was incorrectly translated into antimony http://www.pjps.pk/CD-PJPS-23-1-10/Paper-8.pdf

Berrah2007 said...


You can buy ithmid kohl of the brand shoown here:


Anonymous said...

Okay umm my brother is getting maried i'A && i want to decorate the stage where they shall be sitting... i live in the US...florida. so How do i call or order?

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