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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Henna treatment for dry and greasy hair


 For the treatment of hair loss:

Take Henna, mix it with vinegar and water ( in equal parts) and add a little lemon juice.
This is works also in the treatment of inflammation of the scalp, and reduce the secretion of sweat.

For dry hair: 

½ cup red Henna 

1 cup hot tea dark unsweetened 

3 tablespoons olive oil 

Mix and cover for an hour and if the mixture is thick add more to tea .

  For greasy hair: 

½ cup Henna

1 cup unsweetened tea 

 Lemon Juice

 Mix and cover for an hour and if the mixture is thick add more to tea .


- To install the color of the dye for a longer period 
Boil the orange peel and lemon with hot water used in the kneading for 10 minutes before using it to knead. 
Henna paste preparation:
 Mixing a national package of henna powder with boiling water to a paste-like candy thick. Add water slowly, a little at a time to get the right mix. Leave the mixture to cool before placing it on ur hair. When cool, mix, cover hair with henna, and then a plastic bag, and leave 45 minutes to an hour. 
Instead of water, u can mix coffee to get a darker color. U can also add essential oils to get the fragrant smell . Rinse hair with a solution of rosemary and sage for a dark color. Saffron can be used to add tone to a golden red hair. For a herbal solution to rinse hair, a handful of national soaked ground fresh herbs or three tablespoons of dried herbs in 3-2 cups of hot water for 10 minutes. Infused herbs whenever the more , the darker color.
Use a the rest of the components of the work of the hair rinse will help to make it a darker color, these solutions help to install the dark color of henna, and prevent rapid removal.


uae fan said...
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uae fan said...

"Hala" as you arab says :) how are you sis? i enjoy reading your today and yesterday post.
I never knew such things about hennah, i was only using it for coloring the hair but never mix it with other ingredients.
Thank you for this informations ^

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