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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Henna Lips, Henna Eyes, Henna Lipsize

Salam 3likom and hi to my visitors and my devotee readers,
I was wondering if any one of u did ever used "Henna Lips" , "Henna eyes" or "Henna Lipsize" ? I'm asking this coz i'm planning to order it soon inshalla and a review of this product will be great before i will buy it.
A revolutionizing new product with henna being transferred into a pen format. 
The pen contains the equivalent of 5 kgs of henna powder! Complements our Henna range.

For those who never heard about this product :

HENNA LIPS -it's a kind semipermanent lipstick and lip liner made of natural ingredients. It's a long lasting color,  it's not smudging  and u won't have the sensation of sticky lips.

HENNA EYES - it's a semipermanent eyeliner which promise us to be unique, long lasting,touch proof it doesn't smudge and it's based on 100% natural henna extract that will not affect ur eyes bcoz of the chemicals used in the regular eyeliner.
If u use abundantly the arabic make up style, then  the only thing i don't like is that this product can not be applied on the inside eye :(  
Anyway it's good that at least u will wake up the next day already beautified :)
I'm very curious how long this will last...?!?

HENNA LIPSIZE- it's a kind of a semipermanent lip plummer for fuller lips.
No more hydroponic acid  girls ! he he he u must go for natural painfulness procedure ... For a fuller lips this product is best choice instead of surgeries.
They say even 1 month after, the color will still be visible ... Amazing, isn't it? 
I will defiantly try all of it , inshalla.

For orders u may visit their site 


Princess said...

OooOoh sis i'm soo curious as to how this will look!! i really hope you like the results. let us know!!!<3 <3

Kandis Design said...

definetly, i love it!

Skye said...

salaamz sis ive missed u sorry i havent kept up to date with ur posts. i like the look of this henna thing it looks very good

The reverts secret said...

Salam i had the henna lips and eyes before to be fair it didnt really work for me, they were abit dry maybe i got an old 1 :(!!!

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

3likom salaam, great dear finally i have someone to tell me more abt those products :P
How long those products last on ur skin?
And which color is the best for the lips to look more natural,coz i saw they have many colors but i don't know which one is more to natural color ?!
And for the eyes, that black is an intense black or just wiped?

muslim convert / revert said...

wow let us know how it goes i want some :) X

eyes serene said...

I've never heard of it before but now I'm curious too. That model picture just looks like a picture of Angelina Jolie with her eyes photoshopped blue instead of green!

Semi Permanent said...

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