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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wife's role

Arb3a zwajat ( Four wives)? 
Islam allows men to have up to four wives, but in a certain conditions and the first one is that if he can treat each other  equally. In late our times, there r only few in Golf Area which will have more than one wife.Life is becoming expansive and the responsibility to provide minimum one house,one car , gold jewelery sets, boundary holidays , food, clothes, house items,  money pocket , to each wife and many more things, not to mention the 4 extended in laws families who also need attention ....
Nor in the greater demands of the modern working place with a good salary , many aspire they can satisfy more than one partner in equal share , but here is not about the money , it's also about the emotional psychical comfort  and though only wives will let u know on this secret. 
As i said it's not only about the expanse,while law permits four wives, muslims has tend to become more monogamous , even 2 centuries ago no "man of quality" will make use of this and no "woman of rank" would suffer in it.
In fact in Golf regions, women r far more empowered than might be supposed, and i guess none will like sharing her husband and his income.
Here in Golf , if the wife doesn't like something , she can and often make the man's life a misery , and as controller of the households , often co-opts the childrens into her camp.
Divorce is easily enacted and it's becoming less of a taboo, especially in United Arab Emirates , Oman, S3audi Arabia and other khaleeji countries, becoz woman will end up less our days.
In some modern golf families , women r educated , usually hardworking at college than man and therefore more successful in the working place.
They r entitled to earn and keep their own income beside her husband support.
Many western christians nations think our marriges r different than they have, in fact Arabian woman or a Muslim woman enjoy a great deal of liberty, and often a great deal of power in their families.
The respect shown by husband to the wife and mother is it sanctified in Islam.
As a final response to some of  insolent questions is that  NONE FORCE A WOMAN TO ACCEPT AND BE INVOLVED INTO A POLYGAMOUS MARRIAGE !


Hijab Chic said...

Great post Sister!

Anonymous said...

I think this is a very sensitive issue to all especially women. I know no one is being forced to stay in a situation like this but some of the first wives are finding it difficult to *leave* the husband as he is their only sole supporter(this is true to those women who are not educated or come from poor families, thus the man takes advantage of this situation). Divorce rates are very high in middle eastern countries and U.A.E has the highest in the region at 46%. I was shockedt o read this but once you read the reasons and statistics, nothing is shocking anymore, subhanallah.


♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

there might be some mistakes , i tried open the article u have recommended but it's error .

Jaz said...

I loved this post!

Anonymous said...

hi, i tried to copy the link and pasted it and it opened okay. Go on google and type *divorce rate in uae. A bunch of things will pop up. The link I posted is *survey reveals 46pc divorce rate in uae* or you could read other links, they all state the same thing. Hope it helps.

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

Thanks,that's right the majority of articles ( khaleeji times and others) r by 2005, in the main while things went worse and i can see that uae is one of the high rates of divorce from all the gulf area.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know. One of the reasons is actually the husband marrying another wife. Many of the young women in the emirates are getting higher educations and most of not all wouldn't want to exist with a co-wife, I don't blame them because I wouldn't either. They are dependent now as they are educated and are working ladies or could go out and work if they do decide to ;)

Anii-Star said...

hehe i loved the picture soo funny =)

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