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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Al Kosha weddings design

In Golf countries the wedding day is associated with luxury and sophistication. The decoration which matches stage it’s called Al Kosha where the bride and groom sit ( I don’t know how to call in English). The budget that the bride intend to spend ( usually from the groom money )  on "Al Kosha" is essential.  
All the details r set before the wedding day and the palce where the wedding will be kept is the most important detail.
There r usually supervisors or wedding planner agencies in the wedding hall can be hired to inspect these things before the start of the event or can be assigned this task to one of the family members just for the purpose in preventing the problems that might disrupt the ceremony, God forbid.
The main objective is to provide a luxury background and a beautiful and romantic place for the bride ( "al kosha") and when choosing the "Kosha" design is advised that flowers and lights r the key element in the design. Many of the old design of "Al Kosha" wedding r based on the principle of decorating the hall.

Now let me show u some of the "Al Kosha" styles used in Golf area

See this beautiful  way of welcoming the guests 

At the end i wish to every bride to choose the most beautiful and  best "Al Kosha" can ever get for her wedding night !


poshnmodest said...

Beautiful, Mashallah, some people are really talented.

Here in South Africa they have something similar, somethings very extravagant as well and sometimes not as extravagant. They just call it a stage design.

Princess said...

these designs are all so beautiful Masha'Allah, i luv them all! hehehe the last picture is so funny, this tradition always makes me laugh!

Diba said...

wow, so luxurious and beautiful wedding decoration dear. love it! thanks for sharing.

ayah said...

beauuuuutiful, mashAllah!

Behind my Veil said...

Mashallah all of them are very beautiful..
but where could we possibly contact the organizers who organizes this type of designs??
dear, I have a request maybe u can show places for wedding and engagement can take place. What I mean is maybe u can show beautiful Qa3 here in UAE?
thank u and will always read ur posts :)

Honeymoon Destinations India said...

very beautiful decorations. Who is the decorator there?

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