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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dubai Fashion Show

Salaam my dears,
I'm pleased to show u some of  Shrekahnth  creations which toked place on October 2009 at Intercontinental Dubai
Unfortunately i was not able to be present there, but i'm glad that  Mr. Shrekahnth honored us with some pictures from his Show . 
We thank u so much for ur kindness and that u thought bringing a "little piece" from ur Show here , special for the people was not  there :)

What do u think? I like nr. 5 that kaftan, nr. 6 and last one as for they r modest ( except nr 6) and can be wear by any muslimah indoor i will say rather than outside coz it's still not 100% Islamic outfit ( nr.7 very tide and nr.5 half sleeves). 
About the other styles r very cute, i almost see in my mind our teenager girls wearing some of it...i guess it's perfect fresh style for young girls !


Mon Vie & Etc said...

Ohhh, those outfits are gorgeous!!

Skye said...

i like these
they are something different

Hamda Issa-Salwe said...

I lurrvv the fourth one! It's so hot! Are any of these available outside of the UAE?

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