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Friday, September 18, 2009

Crystallized mobiles

I kept this post to later on while i was in the hospital , and sob7n allah today i saw our sister Khaleejia posts regarding the same issues i was planning last week to do it !
Anyway it's good  that we have different items with the same topic :)

I love crystals so much, i love anything sparkling, and for this reason u will be amazed how by  my accessories , jalabeya's and 3baya's r full of crystals ... u should call me "crystal girl "  he he  :P
Good, now what i wanna point out is that i'm thinking that my mobile also should have crystals. I don't know if i can do it at home , just the way i do with my abaya's or shayla's , but for sure i can buy it in case i failed crystallizing it !
No one denies the importance of the mobile phone (mobile), which became an important part of our daily lives, and in line for all our daily activities, despite all the positives and services provided by mobile phone to us in our daily lives, but also disadvantages and risks can not be ignored.
And now let me show u some stylish phones.

U won’t believe it but here they crystallized ur mobile if u wish so , or other u can
buy already made one .
" N Collection "is a unique brand in UAE destinated to design with crystals ur things. The Botique is it situated in Sharjah and  in Abu Dhabi, at Abu Dhabi Mall, Level-3 next to Mikyaki outlet, but if u are too lazy to go there u may order it by internet.
They give u even the opportunity in decorating with crystals ur:
-car accesories,

Have a look at their work :

The memory card removable disk

Home phone

The folder

The shoes

The Dallah ( coffee pot )

The notebook

The glass

The medhan ( incense burner)

The Plate

And not at last - the mobile 

If u wish to see more u can go here 


Jaz said...

WOW excellent post!! That is sooo cool :D :D I want to learn how to do it myself since there are no stores like that around here.

Sara said...

wow mashallah, I love these crystal accessories Mashallah. Must be very expensive!

Skye said...

salaamz sis,I LOVEEEE the bling bling its soo nice,i love sparkly things...

Skye said...

Eid Mubarak sis mwahhh x0x0x

Noor said...

Asalam Alaykum ahh I love anything with crystals :) super cool..

I wanted to inshAllah invite you and your friends to Cafe Muslimah inshAllah..

Asalam Alaykum..

Hi ukti I am wondering if your on the forum Cafe Muslimah bc lots of sisters in Ireland are. Just wondering if I know you or not, lol. :)


xoxoxoxo Noor

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