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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Emaraati codes of dressing

Asalam w 3alikom hope ur Ramadan is going fine with u , as for me al7md allah is it ok .My dear sister Sara requested me in posting the way emaraati women they dress regarding ages and tradtions. So here is it a quick brief showing u the emaraaty code of dressing inshalla.
First of all we must put in mind that UAE is it a liberal islamic country which is it influenced by the multicultural communities living un Emirates ( the mixture of east and west ) .
The dress code is less formal for children, although adolescent girls would be advised to dress moderately in order to avoid attention. The youth dresses is more varied.It is often comprises colorful long dresses, or an embroderied tunic with trousers.

Also is very common the traditional dress called “muhawar” .

Both local men and local women are easily distinguished by the traditional dress, which is a common sight in the United Arab Emiraati. Men wear the long white Kandoora and headdress, while women wear the black ‘Abaya. Is it the tradition to wear abaya and kandoora. Many asked about kandoora thing, well bare in mind this was worn by our Rasool (saw) and  even before Islam.
We should not forget the Hadith in which our Prophet said: " The best of ur garments r those which r white ; dress ur living ones in them and  shroud the dead ones in them " 

The local girls like their abaya dresses to impress! The ones thy don’t dress openly, they like to dress “chic” accessorizing their abayas with the huge rings and earings and any other type of jewelleris. The sunglasses are already an important daily life accessory . The important element is it the bag, the more expansive and brandish , the more in trend u are. They likes compliments and chatting about the latest trends of fashion.

And under abaya some of young prefer this :

Myself i never wore mini skirt under my abaya outside :P

“Burqa” or “ Batoola “ are two traditional items from long times which u can find today still being so much likely worn by the old women and very few young girls.Is it still a part of tradition that signify beauty.

"Fashion is eternal " i think remains the motto for Emirates :)


Sara said...

Asalam alaikum sister how are you?? I love this post so much! I was wondering what part of UAE are you from if you dont mind me asking.. I love the abayas and the dressing up, Is is compulsory for women to wear abaya in uae or can you wear any normal clothing that you like? I notice that emirati women love the colour black, I love black myself and I always get told off by my relatives because I wear black they dont like to see me wear black all the time! hehe. Its beautiful the way of dressing in UAE.

Also one more question - Is it tradition for the men to wear the white head cover with the Jalabiya and whats the reason behind it- i hope im not being rude.

Salam alaikum sister

love ya

Skye said...

salaamz sis
woww very interesting post it was nice to see another countries fashion..

Uae Fan said...

i love the way they dress and all that sparkly things on their abayas.emirates us one of the fashionable islamic country :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post!

Jaz said...

loved this post :)

.::Tuttie::. said...

please don't publish my previous comment. I was just being stupid. thanks

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

3alikom alslaam my dears, i'm glad that i brought for u a little from Arabia :)
Ya Sara, it's no problem in asking abt the kandoorah .
Kandoorah navigates us through the Great Holy culture of Arabia.Well there is no reason behind that, it's a simple tradition came from our Rasool (saw) to wear the kandoora and later on from the Bedouin tribes which leaved in Arabia Peninsula.
So it is an old tradition in wearing it.
Kandoora is the traditional dress of Arabs having a slight varies from place to place. During the hot weather the white kandoora is it worn,but in cold days the regular white kandoora is it repalced with woolen dark kandoora's.
The very part of the Arabian land is deserted and the kandoora protects the body from the deserted weather conditions.

Skye said...

salaamz sis
i think most the arabic perfume is oil..im not sure i know the one i have has no alchol..

plz show us your perfume collection i will love to see it insha'allah

take care sis ws =D

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Great post! When my husband and I were in Dubai we always wondered how the men keep their kandooras so white.
I love the leather burqas too. So elegant and mysterious.

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

He he of course we have laundries and men r the same as us girls, they keep thousands of kandoora in their wardrobe and almost everyday changing it. But from outside u can't say it , u will think it's the same one, but that's wrong ideea, they like to shop kandoora the same as we like to shop abaya's :)

Skye said...

salaamz sis how are u insha'allah u and ur family are well,the vitamin i take is just BIOTIN , like they are all the same,as long as the bottle says Biotin it is the right one oh and i take 600mcg which is 2 tablets for best affects

Asel said...

Arab Mania are you Emirati or even Arab?

I'm just curious :)

Because I've never seen a blog of a khaleeji girl who'd write about khaleeji traditions and culture in English. I saw many blogs of Khaleeji girls where they write about western fashion and nothing about Arabic traditions or abayas or Islam

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

Well dear friend "Asel" u better do a google search and u will find our lovely friend blog called " Khaleejia " and "Ask Ali" which they r emaraati too !
Why not be unique? I know all arabic sites and blogs ,is that a problem if someone has a better idea and thought of starting a blog in english ?
People r different and not all we like to talk everyday abt "western things" as for our traditions and islam r more important for us than that !
I wish i can say more, but i'm fasting ...
Thanks for ur curiosity

Asel said...

Assalamu alaikum

"I wish i can say more, but i'm fasting"

Looks like my question irritated and angered you as if it was a rude thing to ask. I'm sorry, did not mean to irritate you.

I'm afraid you misunderstood me (or I did not express what I meant well). The thought behind my comment was: if you are an emirati sister that would surprise me and make me happy to see at least one emirati girl write in English about khaleeji traditions (which would mean she's proud of her heritage. Because unfortunately I've seen so far only emirati girls who write their blogs in English only about western fashion and design, western culture (Europe, USA) and nothing about Islam and their own khaleeji culture). And if you were of some other background or even not an Arab that would surprise me more and make me happy too- because I'm really amazed at how non Arabs can love and understand, value khaleeji culture, Islam, traditions. I've seen several blogs by non-arabs and their are amazing mashallah!

Anyhow you have a great blog mashallah! It's really pretty and informative about Gulf culture.

Please feel free to remove my comment above with the question- it's not my business if you dont want to talk about it. And it's not something important to me to know. I am always curious to know a little more about the person behind the blog (especially if they dont provide basic info about themselves) and that's it. I dont HAVE TO know. Even if I know little it does not prevent me from liking the blog.

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

3alikom alslam ya 3zizty , it's ok maybe i missunderstood and have reacted that way i did...Allah Alem
Thank u so much for ur beautiful words to me.
I appreciate it and i was afraid that someone has "something " personal with me ,but now i;m sure ur intentions were not to harm someone al7md allah !
Allah yesalmec7 w tbarakallah
Hugs xoxo

Aalia of Abu Dhabi said...

Don't worry, Arab Mania -- "Asel" is a dear friend of mine in real life, and I know she would never mean to harm anyone :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello ms.Arab ( i guess you are female)
I was always curious regarding the arab national dress and i found accidentally your blog . It's amazing how you show to the world your culture and traditions.
I enjoy reading your blog and learning new things.
Thanks again for keeping us connected to arab world !

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