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Monday, September 28, 2009


Hayakom Allah,
how u doing my dears , hope u all are great . 
Today i wanna write little bit about henna, as for i'm a big fan of it.
I admit i'm not good in painting and make in the designs , but i totally enjoy it when i go to salon for a henna painting.
I tried twice at home to do it by myself , and it was terrible , the worse ever i have seen , even the kids do it better than me :) he he 
So since that time i gave it up and i prefer going to salon to make it sure none will get amused of my henna .

Henna was used throughout India and the Middle East before Islam, and is also known as "Mehendi" (an Indian word). Henna is made from the leaves of a bush, the Egyptian evergreen plant whose shoots and leaves yield an extract which is mixed with substance obtained from various trees and shrubs. 
 Arabians crush dried berries from this plant to obtain a red powder. 
Black henna is reserved for the soles of the feet and hands while red henna is used for the tips of the fingers and toes.

Traditional henna designs were put onto hands and feet. 
It was often part of a special celebration of women, such as preparing for the wedding.
Now is it used to special events or even daily use.

 Women gathered to decorate the bride's hands and feet, and their own hands as well. 
 The designs are usually made to look like leaves, vines, and flowers or geometric patterns.
The history of henna goes back 5,000 years! It was not only for decorating hands and feet, but was used as a medicine, too. 
Even our Prophet Muhammad(saw) recommended using henna for some health problems.

The application of henna is a ritual which may take up to 6 hours. 
After all ingredients are mixed and designs applied the person shouldn't disturb painted areas for 6 hours or more, depending upon the richess of color and how long u want the design to stay on.

Anyway, i have a little secret -

 if u want ur henna to be long stay ( let's say for a week ) then u should use a little lemon juice with very little acetone ( the one u remove ur nail polish ). Try it and tell me if u got the wished results.

If u wanna know more about henna designs click here 


Sara said...

salam alaykum sis, I want to let you know that I tried your acetone trick when you first told me about it and it made my henna so nice and strong and lasting. I didnt use the lemon juice though but i will try it inshallah. I love hennna so so much its so beautiful. But i stopped for ramadan as i noticed an indian man asking me about my henna so i thought id stop so it doesnt open more conversations with men because they seem very interested LOL. I jadoooreeeeeeee hennaaa i wish i can be a henna artist one day your pictures are so fabolous.

mwa mwa mwa

By the way.
Thanks for your show of support as im feeling down. Your comments made me feel better thank you sis.

Anii-Star said...

Salaam sister
Just wanted to let you know i LOVE your blog and the time && effort you put into making these :)
They are so informative :)

Princess said...

Salam sis!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE henna!! and I love this post! :D I wanna try your trick Insha'Allah, thanxx for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Assalam alaikum

I buy henna cones ready to use- no need to make the henna paste. It's very comfortable and cheap but I'm afraid they put some "petrol" in it to make it darker and last longer :) I always buy "indian" henna (not the black henna which is too dangerous)- it's darker than the totally natural henna. The natural henna is so bad- I hate using it- it does not give a long lasting or a deep color and one have to keep it long time on the skin. While the "indian" henna I buy with some secret additives in it is much better- no need to wait hours- I remove it after it dries- about one hour after the application.

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

3likom al slaam wa ra7ma,
i know the one already made , it's in a tube and it's cheap.
i got it from the salon u can buy from there already made, but to be honest i heard they r putting a lot of chemicals in it , just for the purpose in keeping it for a long time if not sold immediately.
Regarding the color, now depends also of the color skin of the person, if u got very white skin then the natural henna will look orange on the skin.
I like the dark color, but it goes faster.

uae fan said...

I like too henna, i used to wear it when i was there in dubai :)
now i'm missing it a lot ... you brought my memories with this post @

NoortheNinjabi said...

Assalaamu alykom,
A quick correction, henna comes from the henna plant.

Black henna is extremely dangerous and should never be used on human skin. Henna should also never dry and leave a dark stain in less than half an hour.

InshaAllah we can all do what is healthy and right while enjoying this beautiful art :)

Um Reem said...

I love henna i dt liek the black one i prefer the red one and uae style is really amazing

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