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Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm back at home !

Salaam 3likom w ra7matalla my dears,

First i wanna tank to Allah that He has Protected and Saved me, Al7md allah w shkr thanks God my operation went well . 
Thanks God that He has listened to urs and my prayers my dears sisters ! May God bless u all , i thank u  for ur support and ur prayers , i was really in need and by Allah's Mercy i have such a great friends as u r girls !
I'm not yet recovered , but i just hurried up in blogging coz i knew it u all r waiting for some news.
Everyone says "Tonsil operation is very easy" , well let me tell u it's just "a lie" coz now i saw the real pain after comes with it. 
I admit u can't feel anything in ur general anesthesia , but after that u r "dead" person. 
Is it almost the 4th day and i still feel so bad, a lot of pain, very hungry coz u can't eat at all for few days or weeks (water, tea and milk is it the food which will keep u alive ) , u can't speak ( i just write down on a paper what i need ), u can't sleep at night coz u feel like drowning ur self and can;t breathe, a lot of coughing comes along with ur pain, the first day will be the worse - day and night vomiting only from the anesthesia ....etc i will stop here the list coz  i don't wanna make u feel disgusting .

Anyway it will take few more days or weeks till i will recover properly and i will go ahead with my posting.

Love ya' girls and please take care of urselves and of ur health i will leave u in God's Care 

Hugs xoxo


Aalia of Abu Dhabi said...

Salamtech ya 7abibiti!! OMG ALHAMDULILLAH i didn't get my tonsils taken out!!

Allah yeshfeech, ameen <3

Skye said...

Salaamz sis alhamdulillah im so happy your are well...I started to worry after a fiew days,i kept checking your blog to see if u updated..Im very very happy you are ok and ur opertation went well alhamdulillah..I too had my tonsils out when i was younger and it was alot of pain and the worst feeling...Insha'allah your recovery is quick and the healing is good.tAKE care sis im so happy you are ok and back....Take care wsalaamz mwah

Jaz said...

aw thank god, alhamdulillah thats great news - hope you will feel much better soon but the important thing is the operation went well!

ayah said...

ohhh :( may Allah ease your pain, sister, and reward you for patience.. get well soon!

The reverts secret said...

Salam sis my duas are with you! :)

Sara said...

Salams habibty

Salamtak alf salama inshallah. Wallahy Allah is with us all al hamdulilah!!

Please keep us updated, we missed you!

Princess said...

Salam Alaykum sis,
Salamtk Insha'Allah! Alhamdullilah that all is well with you. Take it easy and take care of yourself and Insha'Allah with time you will feel much better.


Uae Fan said...

Salam aleykom , sweet girl inshallah everything will be fine my friend ! I know how painful is it , thanks God all went all right.
i wish i was there next to you :( inshallah recover soon.

Anonymous said...


Im glad to hear that your operation went well.

I hear that Ice-cream is suitable for those that have had their tonsils out... at least it has a little texture rather than just liquid. It might be worth a try!

Get well soon sister
Liz x

My Getaway said...

Alhamdulillah ala salamtic. I didn't really know much about what was going on with you. Take care!

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