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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spices used in arabic kitchen

Ok dears, first i'm sorry i haven't update my blog as for i was not feeling well .. some complications came after my operation, bas now i can say i'm little better, thanks to my God !
Not long ago , one sister asked me regarding the spices we use in Arabic  kitchen. I thought in posting some of the spices ( out of hundreds ) along with the pictures for recognizing them easily when u go to supermarket and wanna have some.

The one i love so much called "CARDAMOM" used in arabic coffee, sweets and biryani rice.

Maggie , i think everyone knows it :)

We use a lot the spice named " BHARAT " - means allspice mixed and can be done at home as well. Is it a mixture of spices which varies from region to region.

Another one is the  " CLOVES " 

"YANSOON" my fabulous spice , i use it a lot coz i like the flavor . Usually is it used to calm down a pain stomach making a tea with it , but  i add this to some of my dishes as well ( it gives a special taste )

"REIHAN" - BASIL is it used fresh or dry to salads



"KHUZBARA" -"CORIANDER" used in salad and main courses.Very healthy !

"KAMOON" - i love it i use it in tea's , sweets , rice and some dishes.

"SAFFRON" - a blessed ingredient the most expansive , used with rice for flavor and color, for preparation the fish and chicken and not at last used in some sweets.
My self, I  enjoy the taste of "saffron " tea !

" KURKUM " or " TURMERIC "  in english 

The black pepper, cinnamon, garlic, mint , nutmeg , parsley , red pepper , sesame seeds , rose water , masticha , ginger, bay leaves, pistachio, nuts, dates, za'attar, maramyieh, mardakoosh, rashad, are also some of the ingredients which are used in arabic kitchen.

Now i wanna show u a quick recipe i did it last days while i was feeling so sick . 
My food for the last 1 week and a half must be only smashed , i'm not allowed and i can't eat the regular food, so u need a lot of imagination to survive with this kind of food and in the same time to be healthy and delicious.

Here's my personalized recipe:
I took 1 chicken breast , i boiled it, and then i put it in blender along with :
- 3 spoons of sour cream
- 3 spoons of tahina
- little turmeric
- little anise
- 1 pc.garlic
- little cinnamon
- salt to taste
- and very litlle water.
All those mix well into blender until u will get a creamy sauce. 
It was really delicious . This must be a great ideea to feed the small babies as well :)
And this is how it looks like


Jaz said...

That's the one thing I love about Arabic supermarkets - the spice section, traditional and so many spices.

Sara said...

Mashallah sis i love all those spices. mmmmm i love gulf food the smells of the kabsa can make you so hungry even on a full stomach hehehehehehe. So sorry to hear that you are sick. u can drink a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of honey. inshallah you get better sis mwahhhhhhhhhhhh

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

Thank u 7abebty, i will defiantly try to do that.
Spices... my world ! Without them i can't appreciate the food taste :)

uae fan said...

Salam aleykom ,
Thank you for posting this at my request , such a wonderful post i like to learn more about arabic kitchen.
a'm waiting more recipes as u told me :)

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Cardamom is my favorite, esp. in tea. Kamoon is anise, I believe. I agree with Jaz the spice sections in American and European grocery stores are terrible. I get most of mine from the halal and Indian markets they are cheaper too.

Princess said...

Salamtk habibty, ma tshoofeen shar, Insha'Allah! Alhamdullilah you are feeling better. I SOOOOO LOVED this post!! I love ALL of these spices, especially the Yansoon! :D

KINHA said...

Are you ok now, my friend?
Thanks for visit me.

Skye said...

salaamz sis 0o0o i love this post, there is a fiew spices i have not tryed here i would like to try the cloves i didnt use them yet... thankyou for this great information sis and i want to try your yummy recipe looks so good
alhamdulillah sis u r getting better insha'allah ur recovery is faster.take care sis mwahhh

ayah said...

interesting post mashAllah! sis, could you tell me what's the name of the spice they use in molokheya?

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