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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eid outfits

Al Salam 3likom , 
As u see today al7md allah i feel much better :) but doesn't mean that i can eat or talk unfortunatelly ... bas al7md allah w shukr God is Great and i say this coz this pain is a blessing for me ! Inshalla my sins will be erased shawy shawy by this sickness , al7md allah .
Only few days and Eid will be coming. 
I'm little sad coz this Ramadan was not the way i was expected, and i have to missed up a lot of days, even weeks ... 
I know u guys u r looking forward for the Eid with a big pleasure after this hole month of fasting. In my case is different i couldn't fast for the last past week and now the more i think about Eid Festivities,
 the more i get sad coz i could not be able enjoying the lovely sweets, the delicious food and juices placed on the table in each house.
Anyway my mind now stucked on my Eid dress and i saw something really beautiful , worth in trying it. 
The Collection 2008-2009 of Aisha Bin Desmal is it perfect for this occasion ; and to understand what i 'm talking about please check her collection.


Skye said...

salaamz sis alhamdulillah u are feeling alot better...insha'allah u have a lovely eid and i hope your throat is a little better so maybe u can have a little bit of sweets etc insha'allah... i LOVE this collection its so different and very pretty masha'allah... tonight is laylat al qadr in australia so i must get back to praying hehehe tc sis mwahhhh wsalaamz

that's me said...

alhamdulillha u are better, that's the important, i love #1 and #11 they are woww!!, If I ware one day abaya definilly I will chose one of this style...but that model who is she, that make up and the color hair and that nails WTF, just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Wow, beautiful. I love Jalabiyahs. Do you know where I could find some in dubai that are not overly expensive like within the range of 150-200 dirhams?? I will send my cousin to get me one. Thanks

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

Try in Burjuman, is it well known for abaya's and jalabeya's and traditional clothings.
I'm not sure u will find up to 200 dhs , but ur cousin must try it inshalla.
In any other mall have jalabeyat shops as well, but prices may differ.

Anonymous said...

Thanks!! I just sent her a message. I wanted one for eid ul hajj inshallah. I will be coming to Dubai inshallah mid-January for the mahrajan. I hope I would find deals on Jalabiyas and Bukhoor. Your blog is very interesting and very informative for us here in the west. sf

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