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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tasting emaraati traditional food

Hala bl 7elwin ,
I know some of u r interested in emaraati traditional dishes, so today let's taste our tasty dishes :)
I will post the most popular dishes served in Emirates by the names and show u the way they look like.

It is only made of basic ingredients : whole-wheat flour, salt and water.This is one of the most traditional breads known in UAE.

The "raqaq" bread is made from soft unleavened dough that is flattened and baked on a hot iron plate.
The bread is made daily during Ramadan and is the accompaniment to fareed (a dish made of chicken and bread).
 It is also a popular winter-time bread, eaten fresh and warm from the griddle with oil poured over, then folded into pieces and eaten with fresh honey.
Is it also served with ghee,butter,sugar,chesse or meat gravy spread on it.


“Shobab” is traditional bedouin bread that is very similar to a crepe. The ingredients are the same as khameer, except that only more water is added.

The dough is left to rest for about four hours and is then cut into several pieces.
Each piece is shaped into a flat circle and fried on both sides in a pan (or baked in a traditional oven called "tabi").It is served warm for either breakfast or dinner, and is accompanied by cheese, honey, eggs or jam.

Al harees “ is one of the most savoured dishes in the UAE  and it involves a lengthy preparation. Harees, that rib-sticking, regional stalwart of meat and wheat, sometimes as thick as concrete, is a quintessential part of the Emirati culinary.

Al harees, which is made mainly from meat and wheat, is quite prominent one during special occasions such as Ramadan, Eid and weddings. 


“Al Machboos”, which is also called “Al Makboos”, has red meat as its main ingredient (which can be replaced by chicken or shrimp) and rice.

Is it similar to Biryani .


Is it chicken, beef or meat stew along with vegetables.

The dish is prepared by boiling meat with onions and then adding a variety of vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, onions, pepper, tomato and some okra). 
 Spices and tomato paste are also added and the mixture is left to simmer for 10 minutes until read.


Fish is used heavily in Emirati Cuisine in a variety of recipies: grilled, fried or cooked with rice
This consists of salt-cured fish (known locally as "Maleh" or salty) and flour. 
The fish is cleaned thoroughly in running water and then cooked in a pot along with spices.  
picture made by our sister Arlette

This is a famous desert . Is made from flour which is heated on a stovetop and as its colour turns brown, rose water, sugar, ghee and cardamom are added. 
The mixture is then left on medium heat until ready.


This is prepared from a mixture of flour, egg, sugar, yeast, cardamom, saffron and rose water.

Very tasty !


“Luqaimat or l’gaymat “  may just be the emaraati gateway dish.

Dumplings (little crispy  balls) made of butter , milk, sugar, flour, saffron, cardamom, that is deep fried in oil and then served with sugar syrup .
My favorite sweet , is it served in Ramadan also , but mostly as a mainly desert .
There are as many varied and wonderful recipes for loqaimat as there are for pancakes.


This is a date sweet , an arab favorite and the national traditional uae sweet.

Is it served regulary with Gahwa ( the Arabic coffee).


Gulf coffee is served at most corners of the Heritage Village,offices,shops,houses ans is the most popular type of coffee among uae nationals.One of the first things done every morning in Arab homes after early morning prayers, is to make coffee which is then kept in a flask (dalla gahwa) until the family is ready to drink it.

Traditionally, fresh green coffee beans are roasted in a frying pan (ta'waa) over a direct fire.
 They are then pounded by hand in a mortar until they reached a medium sized grain, and then boiled rapidly for 3-5 minutes.
In the meantime, saffron, cloves, cardamom and rosewater are placed in a large flask, the hot coffee is poured over this and then left to steep for 30-40 minutes.


The reverts secret said...

emmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mashallah sis and im fating today lol so foods attracting me !!! ha ha ha ha ha

Geoff Pound said...


So glad to have found your blog today and the most welcome post on traditional Emirati dishes.

I have provided a link on my web site so that others can find your very interesting and attractive article.


Keep writing.


Geoff Pound

Princess said...

Masha'Allah! .....hehehe I'm fasting too and your post is giving me ideas for Iftar time! I made makboos Alhamdullilah, bs if I had remembered it earlier with more time to prepare, I would soo start on al harees, it's worth the effort! :D

Sara said...

ohhh yum yum i love raqaq in egyptian i think its pronounced ro2a2 hehehe we make it wid mince meat in a pan and then baked in the oven and it taste good.

Skye said...

salaamz sis 0o0o yumm this food looks great i wish i can cook this g0od

Jaz said...

I love this post!!

ayah said...

yummy! mashaAllah

Anonymous said...

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Minal Aidin Wal faidzin !!
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Anii-Star said...

Sister what is a kabpsa ??

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

Kabsa is the traditional dish of saudi - rice with lamb , but that can be also made with chicken

Reema B. said...

Salam 3alaikum!

Thanks for sharing this, I am an Emirateyya studying in Boston and you've kinda made me homesick!! I really miss my food lol!

Please do stop by either of my blogs:

The Tea House: http://teatimereflections.blogspot.com

The Caravan of Muslims: http://journey2submission.blogspot.com

Sultana said...

Salam Alaikum Sis,

First i want to say that i do enjoy your blog very much and your articles...but i have one concern....If the pictures you use are not your personal pictures you should provide a direct link to the webpage you have taken the picture from...you have used one of my pictures here in this post and not given the link to my website....please either ask for permission to use it or give a direct link...The picture is the batheeth....Thank you....

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

3likom alslam dear sultana,
yes u might be right so don't worry i have changed ur picture just to avoid the missunderstandings !

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmm. i like dumplimings

Diba said...

I found your blog, and I like it so much.This post is nice, all are looks yummy

Anonymous said...

Salaams. I was recently in Dubai and ate al-mandi chicken dish at a yemeni restaurant. Could you please post a recipe for that so that I can make it at home. Shukraan. sf

Chicken Recipes said...

Thanks for share.


I'm Ex Chef Rohan Jayasinghe from Sri Lanka. SWEET VERY SWEET. I GOT LOT FROM YOU.

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