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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Celebrity house

The house of Ahlam, my favorite singer she's from uae .

Is it nice to be famous, right ?!? Awesome house mashalla .....


Umm Kadhim said...

Sorry but I don't like it at all.
All that money, such bad taste

Skye said...

salaamz sis
i loveeeeee it masha'allah i think it looks great another great post from u ! tc mwaaaah

malizea said...

For my part I love it!! I would enjoy to just have an night in this house just to swim on the pool!! I miss swimming sooo much!

Sara said...

Mashallah sister those houses are beautiful but I know il never be able to maintain cleaning them because theyre so BIG! Mashallah. These are the houses of emarati actors and actresses im assuming? Very very nice!

Now in regards to our taste in jewelry and fashion.. it seems like I like everything u like and u like everything I like ehehehehe Mashallah. Just wondering sister whats your name and how old are you??


♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

7ala my dear sister i love so much this luxury houses style ... as for houses,i'm sure who is having such a house will afford as well to keep a maid house to mantain the hole work house :)
Most of 5aleji arabs do have minimum one house maid ( if big house 2-3 extra ..)
Making life easier :))
Ya Sara mashalla, u won't belive my name is also as yours, a 30 years old woman.
If u also have 30, means we r "twins" he he he
I'm so surprised to find that a lot of things we have in common , sob7n allah !

Anonymous said...

uhhhhh nice house !!!!!

khaleejia said...

That's a very beautiful house mashallah! I'm sure Ahlam has several maids to keep the house clean ;)

*~Ange~* said...

hmmm i dunno. its too much for a home. it looks like an overdone hotel. nothing "homey" about it at all. i would feel awkward even coughing in the hallway.

Anii-Star said...

Thats gorgeous !!!
I love UAE because of the buildings and houses and all :)

InshAllah when i am older i might live in Dubai or at least visit Burj Al Arab :)

Much Love
Anii xoxo

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