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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lailat al Bara'a

Tommorow is it quite special day for some muslims ( as shi'as) so i was thinking is it good for all of us to know litlle bit about this day Lailat al Bara'a. I, myself usually don't do anything special on this day, but let's see what others do inshalla...

What is Lailat al Bara'a?

Lailat al Bara'a (also called Mid-Sha'ban,Lailat al Bara'ah in persian) is remembered by some Muslims, but for different reasons.

In the Shia view, Laylat ul Bara'ah is the date when Imam al-Mahdi was born. Shias believe him to be the twelfth, final and current Shia Imam and also the Mahdi, a very important Islamic figure who is believed by all Muslims to bring absolute justice to the world by establishing Islam as the global religion.

In the Sunni point of view Mid-Sha'ban is a night of worship and salvation, commemorating when Allah saved Noah followers from the deluge. Allah(swt) prepares the destiny for all people on Earth for the coming year. For this reason it is sometimes called the Night of Emancipation ( Lailat- ul Bara'at).

Islamic tradition holds that on this night, Allah (swt) reviews the actions of all, and decides everyone's fate for the upcoming year. Some observe this day as a festive occasion; fireworks and parties are common. Others spend it in prayer and reading the Qur'an. In India, Pakistan, and Persia it is traditional to say prayers for the dead on this day.


Sara said...

Subhanallah. Mashallah. Al hamdulilah.

Hamida said...

Im Sunni muslim, i think its great that u included both viewpoints because some people just don't know...lol

We are united under the umbrella of Islam.

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

3alikom Salaam my sisters, i'm too sunni and if yesterday i didn't get the alarm of this day, perhaps it will pass without knowing little bit about it and what means for others :)

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