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Thursday, August 13, 2009

One of my favorite actress

I'm so delighted when i see her at the tv channels ... her name is Zainab Al Askari , a Bahraini actress, spokesmodel and model popular in the Gulf Region.
Everybody likes her, as she's one of the main characters in several Kuwaiti TV,Saudi Arabian TV,Uae TV and some Qatar shows as well,she is also a Spokesmodel for Parachute in the Gulf.

She played in some "drama arabic movies" especially i love Athary and Bela Rahma serials.
I like to enjoy the movies which she's present, just for the fact that she's brighten up the movies, beside her incontestable beauty.

As we expected, critics have accuseed Zainab of tarnishing the image of Khaliji (Gulf) women through her conflicting and daring roles, because the Khaliji culture is conservative.
In one of her drama series, she played the role of a prostitute that was considered controversial :)

A real woman, independent,beautiful and intelligent ...what else a man could wish ??!


Skye said...

masha'allah sis shes beautiful...

Sara said...

Mashallah sister, Shes gorgeous. I really like her style! I havent seen her act in movies because i dont watch much tv but yeah she looks very arab.

Baji said...

I like the last picture the most...at least you can see her natural features.

Anonymous said...

"what else more could a man wish for ??! "

taqwa, hayaa, imaan,

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

Of course mr. or ms. Anonymous, except those things, i was listing the qualities of a independent woman. I was not talking abt the religious part!

Uae Fan said...

Salam aleikum sis ,
I think we should not judge people by their "cover of the book" .
Anonymous said taqwa,haya and iman becoz maybe she saw this actress without hijab,a lot of make up and not very free ...
I sure any woman who has or not hijab is having a gram of taqwa and iman since she's born, and maybe she's better than the one who cover but does not have a pure heart !
Anyway i like her and thanks ♥ Arab Mania ♥ for this post, i will start now learning from you the actresses :)

*~Ange~* said...

i think the makeup is overkill. too much. she is a pretty girl hiding behind makeup that makes her look like a drag queen/tranvestite. i think she would be absolutely stunning with a more natural look.

Asel said...

taqwa, hayaa, imaan,

Anonymous great comment!

Anonymous said...

Salam from Malaysia,
Love their eye makeup!...very dramatic...MasyaAllah. I wish I could be able to do that kind of makeup. I'm trying my skill actually. Learning new things everyday...

Take care!

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