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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Iftar today

Salaam my dears, hope u guys are all right, as for me , well today i was so busy in the kicthen . My food supposed to be perfect, but not always u get the same luck :)
So i cooked a turkish main course named "Ali Nazik " along with my Jareesh soup, my banana milkshake and my date cake .

Here is it my turkish food:

This is the food my mum cooked:

Everythings was ok , till the time i left my cake in oven and i ran to pray 'asr. That was the time when my cake turned out into a " smoked cake " :))

Watch it out hehe !

Now i'm just waiting for my Iftar, i'm still fasting and the more i think of food , the more i get hungry :P
For the moment i will leave u and hope inshallah to be back with nice posts!


Uae Fan said...

Salam alaykom , looks nice yoour food, but the funny part is your cake :)))
Next time inshallah first pray and then cook or vice versa ;)

Skye said...

salaamz sis,yummy the food looks soo good and and u look like a good cook masha'allah,please show us more food when you cook..
insha'allah u are well take care ws. =D

malizea said...

that's looks yummyyy nooo sista I am angry!! I WANT RECIPES!!! pleassseee share with us!!!

My Getaway said...

Salam Alikum sister. The food looks really good.
I know it's never fun to burn something you spent time making.

Sara said...

Asalam alaikom sister! Wow mashallah the food looks soooo good, its morning time and the food is making me look forward to iftar already!!! Yum Yum, i see that you like food from all cultures which just proves that your the perfect house-wife MASHALLAH!.. I swear ive been so upset because my blog looks weird now so I havent been feeling like blogging but seeing ur posts makes me love blog. LOL. Ramadan kareem sister I hope you continue to show us more of ur nice food.



*samra* said...

salam sis:) mashallah this looks so good, is that turkish one meat cooked in yogurt.... thanks for sharing!

Skye said...

salaamz sis
thankyou for your sweet comment, with the perfume im not 100 percent so dont take my word on it i just heard it but im not sure.. thankyou for being such a great sis.. tc wsalaam =D

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