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Saturday, August 29, 2009



I saw on TV this suprisingly "mesaharati" story which is an old tradition in the very popular districts of Cairo.The job of the mesaharati is to wake people up by calling their names, just two hours before dawn, in time for them to have their last meal, or Sohour, before the break of a new day.

"Wake up sleepers, praise Allah" calls the mesaharati as he strolls trough the streets before dawn, banging his drum to wake up people for their sohoor meal during Ramadan.They also come up with their own chants, including “catch the good month before it goes away!” and “u’r going to be hungry!”

Surprisingly u may even find some female mesaharatis competing the male dominated profession :)
They don't have a salary, but he will get the tips at the end of Ramadan from neighbours.


Hamida said...


lil Hijabi said...

wow! something i've never heard of.Cool!

Skye said...

masha'allah i wish they had that in australia heheheehe thats a great idea,like your own human alarm clock heheheehe

Behind my Veil said...

we have sumin like that in Syria too!
we call him Abu 6bla (tabla)..
It's one of the things I miss while I was there :(
I remember, on the day of Eid, my baby cousins would be waiting at the front door to give him the money and thank him for waking us up for Suhoor :D
I hope they had it here in Uae too! :P

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