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Saturday, August 29, 2009

5 Beneficial Skin Care Ingredients

5 Skin Care Ingredients u should look for in ur Products

Salicylic Acid - It's a keratolytic beta hydroxy acid (BHA) famous for its ability to smooth the skin without causing irritation, reduce acne-causing bacteria and oil to prevent blemishes, all while penetrating the pores to help clear out impurities (making it also excellent for reducing blackheads). U'll usually find Salicylic Acid in cleansers and moisturizers formulated for skins prone to break outs, as well as in acne spot treatments. It's a fabulous ingredient with proven results in reducing blemishes.

Vitamin C (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate) - One of the most powerful age-fighting ingredients on the market today is Vitamin C proven to act as a body guard for your skins collagen to prevent free radicals from increasing skin aging. However, not all Vitamin C is equal. Most Vitamin C products use the acid forms of Vitamin C (like Ascorbic Acid or Alpha Lipoic Acid) which is why u can feel a stinging sensation on the skin. If ur Vitamin C product starts to turn brown half way through the bottle, that's a sign that it is oxidizing and is losing its effectiveness. (Think of an apple that turns brown 20 minutes after taking a bite.) Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, which is believed to be one of the most beneficial types of Vitamin C is the one that it doesn't cause skin irritation and won't lose its ability to fight free radicals.
Hyaluronic Acid - It's a bioactive hydrating ingredient to bind 1000 times its weight in moisture to the skin and commonly found in toners (alcohol-free), specialty serums, moisturizers and eye creams. It's also known as Sodium Hyaluronate and has been used for years and continues to be one of the most commonly used skin-hydrating ingredients. With continued use, skin's water content improves daily and fine lines and wrinkles become less visible and will make ur skin healthy, comfortable and hydrated.

Peptides - A fairly new ingredient (and there are many types of peptides) but generally speaking, they are used in anti-aging products and have been shown to outperform Retinol (pro-Retinoic Acid) to smooth wrinkles and reduce the visual effects of aging without causing skin irritation. This ingredient is meant to be used long-term as the results will show with continued use. It's also ideal when used on the neck, since this is certainly an area in need of anti-aging.

Beta Glucans - It's one of the most multi-tasking ingredients used in skin care products today. Also known as a Biological Response Modifier (BRM); they help support the body's natural ability to correct itself. When applied to the skin, they have been shown to correct a variety of skin problems, including the lessening of acne breakouts, sallow skin due to smoking, and skin cells adversely affected by sun damage (lines and wrinkles). When used after laser or chemical peel procedures, it also gives a noticeably faster recovery period because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Grow lashes and fight autism

I found this product a new lash conditioner called Md Lash Factor, and i wish i will try it inshalla.
Everyone is praising this product as it is the best way in growing quickly ur eyelashes, but i usually don't belive it unless i try it by self to convince :)
It takes 6 to 9 weeks ( the trial period) to see the results inshalla.
They promise with this product after one week of use to some customers lashes r more noticeably fuller .
I heard about this product that is it dedicated to benefit autism initiatives.

MD Lash Factor™ is a new physician-formulated eyelash conditioner designed to improve the appearance of natural lash length, fullness, and thickness after two months of application. 1 tube lasts an average of 6 months, and costs $140.

See the difference :







Do anyone of u have tried this product ?
I think i must try it , coz right now i'm using DOUBLE CILS conditioner that contains proteine and i notice a very little difference, but not as i was expected.
I'm using this product for the last 6months and i can say that my eyelashes don't fall anymore, but i'm lookig for a products such as making it longer, thicker and fuller :) ya' i know i want so much !


I saw those beautiful khaleeji abaya's haute couture designed by Dar Sarai located in Abu Dhabi.
It's an amazing collection, i love it , most of them r hand made all works on it as floral crystals, swarovski collored abaya, level threads ...
Of course the price is it as we expected... :) the cheappest is 1.500 Dhs and the beautiful models which i liked the most with swarovski work on it for parties or other occasions are about 3.800 to 4.000 Dhs.

For orders pls write at dar.sarai@gmail.com
or call this nr : + 97126818644 , 97126818645 
PO. BOX 94013

30 Simple Mistakes during Ramadan with Correction

aslam alkom w ra7met allah w brakto

1: Focusing on food; to the extent that people begin to worry about
eating more then actually fasting. This also goes along with
spending tons of money on Iftaars even though a person does not need to eat that much food.
2 : Making Suhoor way before Fajr. Some people eat Suhoor a few hours after Taraweeh or Isha Salah, this is wrong. It should be eaten
closer to the time of Fajr.
3 : People dont make Niyyah (intentions) to fast for Ramadan. This
is something in the heart and does not need to be verbal.
Also it can be done once, at the beginning of Ramadan which would be counted for every single day.
4 : If you find out late that Ramadan started, you should stop eating
and fast for that day, making that day up after Ramadan/Eid ends.
5 : Many people dont think you pray Taraweeh on the first night of
Ramadan (such as tonight). They believe you pray it after the first
day you actually fast. They forget that the Islamic calendar runs on
the moon, maghrib is the start of the new day.
6 : Many people believe if you eat or drink on accident this breaks
your fast. This is false, if you do this on accident then you
continue fasting and do not need to make up the day.
7 : Some people take the opinion that if they see someone eating or
drinking they should not remind the person that he/she is fasting.
According to Sheikh Bin Baz (ra), this is incorrect and it is an
order from Allah for us to ordain the good and forbid the evil. Thus
we tell the person, because we are forbidding the evil this way.
8 : Many sisters believe they cannot use Hennah while fasting. This
is incorrect, they are allowed to use it during Ramadan.
9 : Some people believe when you are cooking you cannot taste the
food to see if it has the right spices/flavors. This is false, and
allowed in Islam as long as the person cooking is not eating the
food. Rather they can taste it to see if it needs salt, or more
spices. Remember the taste buds are on the toungue and not in the mouth.
10 : Many people think you cannot use a Miswak or toothbrush during
Ramadan. This is false, for the Prophet(saw) used to use a miswak
during Ramadan.

purple divider

11 : Some people make the Fajr Adhan early. They do this so people
will stop eating before Fajr and not invalidate their fast. This is
wrong and something we should not do.
12 : Some people make the Maghrib Adhan late. They do this so people will start eating late, just incase Maghrib has not come in yet.
This too is wrong and we should not do this.
13 : Many many people believe you cannot have intercourse with your
spouse during the whole month of Ramadan. This is false, you cannot
do this only during the times when you are fasting. Between Maghrib
and Fajr it is permissible to do.
14 : Many women believe that if their period has just ended and they
did not make ghusl, they cannot fast that day (considering their
period ended at night, and they went to bed without Ghusl, waking up
without having a chance to make it). This is incorrect, if a women
has not made Ghusl she can still fast.
15 : Many men believe that if he has had intercourse with his wife
and did not make ghusl (similar to the above) then he cannot fast
the next morning. This is also incorrect, for he can fast even if he
has not made Ghusl.
16 : Some people pray Dhur and Asr prayers together during Ramadan. (mainly in Arab countries) This is incorrect and should be avoided.
17 : Some people believe you cannot eat until the Muadthin is done
calling the Maghrib Adthan. This is incorrect, as soon as he starts
a person can break their fast.
18 : Many people dont take advantage of making dua before they break their fast. This is one of the times when Allah accepts a person dua.
19 : Many people make the mistake of spending the later part of
Ramadan preparing for Eid, neglecting Ramadan. This is incorrect and these people lose the concept of what Ramadan is about.

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20 : Many parents do not let their children fast during Ramadan
(young children). This is something counter productive to a child.
By allowing him to fast he will grow up to know he must do this act.
21 : Many people think Ramadan is just about not eating and forget
about controlling their tempers and watching what they say. In
actuality we are supposed to control our tempers and mouths even
more during Ramadan.
22 : People often waste their time during Ramadan. They go to sleep
during the day and get nothing done. We should be taking advantage
of this blessed month by doing extra Ibaadat.
23 : Some people dont go on trips or travel during Ramadan. They
think they have to break their fast when traveling. This is actually
optional, if you want to break your fast while traveling you can
(with making it up later), and if you dont you can continue
24 : Many people who are able dont make Itikaaf at the masjid. We
should take advantage of our good health and spend lots of time at
the Masjid, especially the last 10 days of Ramadan.
25 : Some people believe they cannot cut their hair or nails during
Ramadan. This is also false.
26 : Some people say you cannot swallow your spit during Ramadan.
This too is false. However you cannot swallow mucus that has entered
your mouth.
27 : Some people say you cannot use scented oils or perfumes during
Ramadan. This too is false.
28 : Some people believe bleeding breaks the fast. This is not true.
29 : Some people believe if you throw up (vomit) on accident it breaks your fast. This is not true, however if you do it intentionally it does.
30 : Some people think you cannot put water in your nose and mouth
during wuduh in Ramadan. This too is incorrect.



I saw on TV this suprisingly "mesaharati" story which is an old tradition in the very popular districts of Cairo.The job of the mesaharati is to wake people up by calling their names, just two hours before dawn, in time for them to have their last meal, or Sohour, before the break of a new day.

"Wake up sleepers, praise Allah" calls the mesaharati as he strolls trough the streets before dawn, banging his drum to wake up people for their sohoor meal during Ramadan.They also come up with their own chants, including “catch the good month before it goes away!” and “u’r going to be hungry!”

Surprisingly u may even find some female mesaharatis competing the male dominated profession :)
They don't have a salary, but he will get the tips at the end of Ramadan from neighbours.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Eye shadow kit

Salam girls, see this make up? Imagine how long it tooked just to make it this way nah' ? Sometimes our make up wasting our time and our mood in doing it . So now new product has come across the market which easies our work.
It is a kind of eye shadow , which will require only to stick it on ur eyes and then u will get ready ur eye make up just in a second !
It's great isn't it ? Long time i was dreaming abt this and now it's possible not to waste a lot of time in the mirror if u need a nice make up - for parties, or natural look, or just for ur husband to amaze him ;)
Have a look :

U can choose a kit with more styles

Or u can just choose a regular kit of 2 pairs

The incovennience it's the price which i think is it litlle high , starting from 20 $ up to 60 $ .
I haven't reied yet, but i'm waiting first for opinions and then inshalla maybe i will try it .

Pregnant Women and Breastfeeding Mothers‏ fasting or not ?

With regard to breastfeeding mothers – and also pregnant women – two scenarios may apply:

1 : If the woman is not affected by fasting, and fasting is not too difficult for her, and she does not fear for her child, then she is obliged to fast, and it is not permissible for her not to fast.

2 : If the woman fears for herself or her child because of fasting, and fasting is difficult for her, then she is allowed not to fast, but she has to make up the days that she does not fast. In this situation it is better for her not to fast, and it is makrooh for her to fast. Some of the scholars stated that if she fears for her child, it is obligatory for her not to fast and it is haraam for her to fast.

It is not permissible for a pregnant woman or breastfeeding woman not to fast during the day in Ramadaan unless they have an excuse. If they do not fast because they have an excuse, then they have to make up the missed fasts, because Allaah says concerning one who is sick (interpretation of the meaning):

and whoever is ill or on a journey, the same number [of days which one did not observe Sawm (fasts) must be made up] from other days”

[al-Baqarah 2:185]

More u can read here

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Iftar today

Salaam my dears, hope u guys are all right, as for me , well today i was so busy in the kicthen . My food supposed to be perfect, but not always u get the same luck :)
So i cooked a turkish main course named "Ali Nazik " along with my Jareesh soup, my banana milkshake and my date cake .

Here is it my turkish food:

This is the food my mum cooked:

Everythings was ok , till the time i left my cake in oven and i ran to pray 'asr. That was the time when my cake turned out into a " smoked cake " :))

Watch it out hehe !

Now i'm just waiting for my Iftar, i'm still fasting and the more i think of food , the more i get hungry :P
For the moment i will leave u and hope inshallah to be back with nice posts!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our blessed dates palm

We all like to eat dates, we see it as an regular thing, but we might don't knw the importance they have in to our lives. I like so much dates, especially my favorite cake named "ma'3mool" it's a kind of biscuit filled with dates and some flavours.
In Ramadan we , muslims break our fast with dates and water , but also they are consummed in the regular days.

The history of dates in the lives of the Arabian Peninsula is very ancient. Dates are produced from the Palm tree which is a part of the Saudi emblem.The Kingdom is considered as one of the world's major producer of dates, with its annual production reaching 800,000 tons.

One ancient Muslim tale describes the date palm as the chief food created by God to nourish Adam in the guardian of Eden. The palm was also said to have been the building material for Mohammed's (saw) home. Dates were Mohammed's(saw) favorite fruit and there are some 26 references to them in the Qur'an.

Dates are rich in many different kinds of minerals and vitamins. They contain fat, sugar, proteins, calcium, sulphur, iron, potassium, copper, manganese and magnesium. Combining dates and milk results in a self-sufficient food.

In Ramadan, Muslims break their fasting with dates. Thus, they cannot eat much food directly after eating dates. This is because dates contain sugar in which its absence is the main reason of the hunger feeling. When the body absorbs the sugar of the dates, the feeling of hunger disappears. Eating dates before the main meal can help in avoiding excessive eating.

Recent experiments approves that dates contain some stimulants that strengthen the uterus muscles in the final months of pregnancy. This fact is already known by Muslims when they read Quran.

The Quran mentions the story of Mariam or Mary (The mother of Jesus) when she felt labor pains and she was told to eat dates.

Allah says: " And shake the trunk of the date-palm towards you, it will let fall fresh ripe-dates upon you. " (19:25)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ramadan in United Arab Emirates

Ramadan in Dubai is a unique and different experience due to the fact that people from different parts of the world live and bring their own cultural heritage to this cosmopolitan city.

If your religion is different than our, or you are not familiar to Ramadan and live in Emirates, then you should know the following:

  • Iftar is the evening time when, just after the sun sets, a cannon is fired to announce the breaking of the fast for the day. There's one in Safa Park in Jumeirah if you want to get close to the action.
  • Iftar is not the time to have a large feast - traditionally it was a few dates and some water. Later in the evening is when it becomes more festive with larger meals enjoyed amongst friends and family.
  • Mosques offer free Iftar meals to the less privileged members of society, whether they are Muslim or not. The meals might be sponsored by charities, companies, or individuals. The Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque has one of the largest Iftar gatherings in their carpark.
  • Many hotels will have special Iftar tents where customers can have a simple or more complex meal - with a range of prices to match.
  • Ramadan is seen as an opportunity to visit friends and family members, especially those with whom contact has faded.
  • The rulers in various emirates pardon a number of prison inmates on the first day of Ramadan. Some are also released for the month of Ramadan to spend time with their family.
  • Most businesses and government offices will close for the day. Iftar is around 19:00-19:30 depending on the time of year and when the sun sets.
  • Business activities tend to slow down during Ramadan. Expect delays with any commercial or bureaucratic activities.
  • Almost all restaurants and cafes will be closed during the day but many will extend their opening hours at night.This does not include some restaurants and cafes that are inside in hotels, although they usually errect special screns to shield you from public view, but will include all external facilities such as pool bars.
  • There will be some arabic tents on the beach offering hubbly bubbly (sheesha) - water pipes and the famous Ramadan menu.A large number of popular Arabic dishes will be present on tables.All over Dubai during Ramadan you can find large Ramadan tents which are filled up with people once the Iftar fest starts each evening. Ramadan period is one of festivities and joyness ( other nationalities are also invited to enjoy the festivities)
  • There will be a few eating outlets open during the day for dine-in customers in larger hotels and shopping centers. Some fast food restaurants allow drive-through or take-outs.
  • Supermarkets are normally open during the day and have extended hours at night - sometimes till midnight or even later.
  • Shopping centers are open during the day and an extra hour or two at night.
  • Bars in Dubai are usually still open but patrons will be asked what religion they are and refused entry if they are Muslim. Live and loud music is banned, so is dancing. Bars in Abu Dhabi might be closed. Bars in Ras Al Khaimah usually stay open. Bars in Sharjah don't exist.
  • Any alcohol related offences will probably be treated much more severely than outside the month of Ramadan - it is quite possible an offender is stuck in prison until the end of Ramadan.
  • Car stereos should be turned down - loud music, especially rock or similar music, is disrespectful at least, and if police hear it, they'll have something to say about it.There will also be an increase of road accidents as people tend to drive fast just to be home on time.
  • When taking a taxi or going from place to place avoid going out just before sunset, sometimes, if the taxi driver is a muslim and gets caught up on the road during prayer time, they might stop and lay their rugs on the roadside and pray - that means you will be waiting in the taxi until they finish praying.
  • Traffic jam is it so busy so crowded, as for a lot of families tend to go out together.
  • For ladies avoid wearing less clothes, if you can just try to wear something that covers your shoulders and avoid swearing or shouting in Public Areas as this is offensive for those who are fasting.
  • Also, men who are fasting will not talk to a lady and vise versa, don't forget is it Ramadan and we must be as good as we can !
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