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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Anklets Fashion

The anklet was a symbol of the beauty of the Egyptian women in ancient times and among the Bedouin women.
This heritage inherited from the grandmother, they used to put anklets on their foot giving it a beautiful and vital look. 
Anklets was worn by brides as well and some dancers.
They r made out of gold or silver and some precious stones which r a high cost. Copper or metal anklets can be affordable in markets.

The ring it'c cute :) but i would never wear ...  i have the uncomfortable feeling with it .


The reverts secret said...

I think they are beautiful mashallah and used to wear them intill a arab muslim told me they were Haram all to do with lets say "working girls"?????????? Are they?

malizea said...

They are beautiful mashallah ooo I would like to have one!! and the beautiful feet with it!! I hate my feet!!!

Anii-Star said...

Wowwwww Mashallah i like the second one :)
Simple and delicate :)
This is also from the Indian culture i think lol
Its called pyal

KINHA said...

Hi my friend!

They're fantastics and sexy.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Stunning! I love the ones with the little delicate flowers.

Habibti said...

i would love some are they haram i have to look further

Najm-us-Sahar said...

Assalam u alaikum,

sister you always come up with fabulous things. I love all those anklets. where can we get these?

Also can i get the link to youe henna photo album collection? that is also awsome.

GOD bless you

Skye said...

these are very pretty masha'allah, when I was younger I really wanted this things but my father was very strict on me,my family believe this was only for not so good girls,but I think for in the house its very nice

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

3likom salam, thank u sis Najm-us-Sahar !
I don't really know where they sale those, must be online shops, in Dubai u can find them easily in every accesoriat shop.
Which henna album u r talking abt?

ayah said...

looks great! i want one!

Hijab Chic said...

Wow, those are all very beautiful! I also want one - well, to be worn at home, needless to say? :D

Elina said...

What a beautiful ?????????? Finding the perfect ?????????? for anklets. My most trusted anklets website is http://www.my-wedding-jewelry.com/where you can find most beautiful .anklets

Moni said...

This is amazing mashallah!
Can you please tell me where can i find online this kind of Anklets Fashion?
I don know live in islamic country so thats kind hard for me...
Answer appreciated,

Alsalamu aleikom

Anonymous said...

Hi, I want to buy an anklet as a present for a friend of mine. Are there any meanings to this in different Arab countries, or it can be a gift like any other? She's a very dear and close friend, and I wouldn't want to offend her because of my ignorance. Thank you.

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