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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A quick desert !


I know is not looking nice, but i was really so busy and out of decoration idea. I just took a quick picture and prepared for my doctor appointment.U might ask urself if i'm fine taking in consideration that i went to doctor, well i will let u know that i'm ok , al7md allah just small medication need to followed.
Anyway leaving this behind, let's come back to our sweet.

* 1 packet of Dr.Oetker vanilla cream
* milk to make the cream ( read behind the packet to know the quantity of the milk u need to make the cream)
* 4 pc of Twix chocolate 
* caramel siroup
* cinnamon

First start making the vanilla cream and don't forget to add some little vanilla flavor and sugar in it.
Then u need to cut each banana into round shape.
In a bowl start picking up ur banana's and arrange it into levels.
First level - banana,on top cover it with vanilla cream, then on top of the cream smash 2pc of Twix chocolate,add some cinnamon and little caramel siroup. The first level it's done, now u need to repeat the same steps for the second level.
If u like to make another levels, than u need to double ur ingredients quantities.

I must admit that i'm so much addicted to sweets, it's just can't pass a single day without eating or at least tasting some sweets. U, girls do the same ?


Bcoz of so many daily sweets  i started already gaining weight and that's terrible ... if i will continue this way i'm gonna look the same like that lady in the picture loool  audhu billahi :)



Skye said...

LOL sis i love this post ur funny hehehe this sweets look so yummy, I love your presentation.. Insha'allah you are well,and in good health and eveything is ok at the doctor. I am the same with sweets i love them,I also put to much suger in my tea hehehe take care sis luv u =D

Reema B. said...

mmmmmmm!!!! Sounds amazing, I'll try making it sometimes inshallah (I'm addicted to Twix lol!). I think it'll also be awesome if you do it with fried bananas ;-)

ayah said...

looks and sounds yummy :) i'll try to make it some time inshAllah.. hope you feel better, take care of yourself dear and get well soon <3

Princess said...

Salam sis
such a cute post lol looks soo yummOooO I wanna try it, we are all addicted to sweets!!!!! Insha'Allah your appointment was fine and all is well with you. All the best Insha'Allah <3 <3

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