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Friday, October 16, 2009

Glazed apple

This is an excellent desert if u r out of ideas and ur guests r already in ur house. What i like to this recipe is that u don't have to spend a lot of  ur time in the kitchen , so simple and easy way to get delicious desert just in few moments . 
My parents adore this and i guarantee ur family will love it too !

Normally this is to be served with ice cream and spicy jam ( 1chilli cutted into small pices and added inside the jam ) and whipping cream for decoration , but bcoz i don't like whipping cream i didn't use it and my mum requested me without the jam.
Let's see the ingredients and the preparation way:

- 9 apples round cutted ( don't omit to remove the seeds from the middle )
- pancake dough 
- ice cream on top
- spicy cherry jam ( 1pc of chilli cutted and mixed with the jam , make sure u remove the seeds )
- whipping cream for decoration

Cut the apples in a round shape , as i said . 

- 3-4 cups of white flour 
- 2 eggs
- baking powder 
- sugar
- cinnamon
- water or milk 

Mix all the Pancake dough ingredients. Make it sure the mixture won't be watery ( so thin ) , add some more flour if the mixture is not thick enough as we need.
Now we bring each cutted  piece of apple into pancake dough untill we see each piece is covered by pancake dough.
In a pancake pan put the oil to low fire. 
Start frying each piece, both sides ( u will know it is done when they will become golden color).
When u finished frying all , take it out and place it on a tray with paper to absorbe the oil.
Before serving , add some ice cream scoops on top, little spicy jam and decorate it with whipping cream.
This is all the work and i'm telling u it's worth it !


Sara said...

Yum yum, looks so good. Even the chilli jam sounds delicious. I must try it, I have all the ingredients in the kitchen haha!!



Sara said...

sis i made it check out my blog to see LOL!

Princess said...

mmmMmmm this looks SOooO good! I wanna try n make it! :D

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