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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bedouin lifestyle

Hayakom allah ,

Today today I wanna go deep inside the history, remember and tell u litlle bit about Bedouin people.
What's bedouin , how is the life style of a bedouin, how did they survived ....etc and many other types of question may occur in ur mind.
Generally speaking, a Bedouin is an Arab who lives in one of the desert areas of the Middle East and raises camels, sheep, or goats
They r considered the "most indigenous" of modern Middle Eastern peoples, meaning they lived there before anyone else.

The therm of “beduoin” is today a bit of misnomer , very few bedu r still truly nomadic as circumstances change and the traditional nomadic life of the desert herders has had to adapt .
The bedouin language is a kind of stylized Arabic dialect ( dialect of a specific region) filled with many words that may be difficult for others to really understand certain words.

They r very superstitious persons as for they use amulets,charms,lucky numbers,stones they think may protect which in Islam is is considered a real innovation.
Many bedouin do not fast on the Holy Month of Ramadan and they do not pay much attention to the Eid festivals,or other important days in Islam .Funny but  if u ask them, they may not even know the important Islamic festival dates.
Some arab still own 2camels or many more. 
Camels evoke ancient nomadic lifestyle, the symbol of community through hardship and endurance, in short Bedouin roots.

Most bedu have  modernised  nowadays, but still the old traditions have survived with them.
After pitching their distinct black , goat hair tents “beit ash sh’3ar “ , they graze their goats, sheep or camels in an area for several months.When the sparse desert is fodder runs out, is it again the time to move on letting the land to regenerate naturally.
The tents r generally divided into 7aram area ( forbidden area) for woman and another area reserved to the men.The men section serves as a public part of the house, where guests r treated with Arabic coffee, tea, dates or other meals. Here is kept all the gossip, conversations, news..etc. The arabs r known of the hospitality they have.

The bedu family is a close kit unit. The woman do all the domestic work, including fetching water, cooking, weaving and taking care of the childrens.
In the code of honor, women r protected and if any woman will bring "ird" ( loosing honour) to the family is it extremely a serious problem. I think this is applying to every family as well.
The men r traditionally the providers of peace, security , protection in case of wars.
They assume the protection of a traveler or his host and is guaranteed a safe passage through tribal territory.

Maybe u will be amazed to know that some they have mobile phones, satellite tv and the traditional music is it listened at the radio. This is possible bcoz many of the bedu do not move at all in other place, they just stick it and remain in a certain place.

Now i wanna show u some beautiful pictures - bedwu inspiration



Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

woow mashallah thats interesting and beautiful i didnt know so much about the bedouins but in saudi arabia where im from there are bedouins and their culture and traditions are fascinating
salaamz sis

The reverts secret said...

I love the bedouin style!!

Princess said...

Salam sis! Thanxx for such a smart and informative post. I absolutely LOVE the bedu inspired looks!! I am always looking for the hijab jewelry because I lovve it soo much but can never find it. Any ideas on where I can buy them because I don't want to keep substituting my necklaces! :P

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I know in Dubai the gov't built homes for the bedouin, but they just used them to house their animals and stayed in their tents for the most part.

I would absolutely love to go live with some Bedouin for a couple weeks to experience their lifestyle. It just seems so beautiful and close to God's creation.

Sara said...

hehehe I met some bedoin people in egypt and they practiced magic. very scary. But they didnt really show it. Oh and they wore niqab all the time..

Anonymous said...

Bedouins are really interesting people though they are getting fewer with modernization, I guess. I love the bedouin style though the make-up is too much for my taste. sf

Informator said...

I know some emirati bedouins personally and they are the nicest emiratis I have met. (they live in the madam area)
I think the bedounis are nicer than city emiratis.
The emirati bedouins treat you as a brother and not as a lower case human.

Also they know very much about islamic rules and festivals. (from my experience)

I am looking all over the internet on how the young emirati men wear their dead scarf.not the one with the ring, but the turban style. if you can make a tutorial it would be nice.
aleikum salam

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