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Friday, October 23, 2009

From abaya into jeans

I know that not all the muslim girls like to wear abaya daily basis , as it is worn in  the Gulf , so i took litlle time and thought of how do i dress if the abaya is not available , let's say in certain cases as if i'm forced to live outside the Gulf ... i say this coz it might be possible some changes to take place in my life,but when is the right time i will give u the news inshalla.This winter the fur waistcoat is it trend, but it's not something which i adore :)

Anyway here is i believe my style for the outside regular dress

Here some of my creations that i would totally wear it



Princess said...

Luv the outfits you put together sis! <3 <3

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I love the skirt with the gold trim in the last one!

Anonymous said...

Totally love the styles, I try to kinda wear something similar coz I don't wear abayya. All your outfits are trendy and still decent. sf

Mira said...

Egyptian style lol

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